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Book Blitz-Ruchi Vasudeva's Bollywood Fiance For A Day

Print Length: 172 pages
Publisher: Indie published 
Publication Date: May 6, 2018
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
Available on Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Romance 

Studious Dr. Vishakha never dreamed that winning a date with Bollywood heartthrob Zaheer Saxena would land her in an unusual deal to benefit both of them. Zaheer wants to ward off unwanted attention from his leading lady and agrees to help her save her face. It's just like a business arrangement for Vishakha - except that she hadn't factored in the unwanted, yet extremely potent attraction this movie star would hold for her. But she has to keep in mind that make believe is his talent - before she begins to wish this were a dream that would come true...

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Ruchi Vasudeva is a doctor by profession, a teacher by vocation and an author by destiny. After debuting by publishing with Harlequin, she now writes emotional and amusing stories for Amazon.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Book Review-Divyata Rajaram's If You Only Knew Me

Divyata Rajaram


If You Only Knew Me is a story of friendship, passion and intrigue set in Dubai, arguably one of the world’s most exciting cities to live in.

Rupali, Anjali, Dipika, Sakina and Monica are five NRI women whose lives are glitzy and exciting as they flirt with high society within the charmed social circles frequented by the Dubai expat community. Beautiful homes, designer clothes, shoes, fast cars and a lifestyle that is envied by all, there is very little these women have not attained. Together they have also woven the closest of friendships and must rely on each other to stay on top.

Appearances are deceptive, though, and often the people you think you know the best, harbor secrets too dangerous to be shared. When tragedy befalls, the investigation that follows opens an ugly box of secrets that will test their friendship and find them struggling to make sense of the madness and deception surrounding them.

Who can they really trust anymore? How far must they go in their fight for survival?

How long will their friendship last once the masks have dropped and none can pretend any longer?

Read an excerpt from the book...

Dipika’s head was swimming as she sat in Tim Horton’s, Mall of the Emirates, waiting for Rupali to join her. The only reason she had even fixed up to meet her was that she knew her mother had called up Anjali who would have informed Rupali.
“Ha … I’ve crossed over to the dark side, Ma. Too late to return home again,” she thought. The black coffee she sipped did nothing to clear the confusion in her head.
Dipika pushed her limp, dank hair out of her eyes, struggling to make sense of the menu in front of her.
That bastard was stringing her along, she knew it. All his false promises meant nothing, she thought wearily while gazing at the menu.
She looked up to find Rupali rushing over to the table.
“Dips, darling, so good to see you,” said Rupali, trying to sound upbeat and cheerful. She almost recoiled as she hugged Dipika.
The stench of body odor and some other strange pungent aroma permeated the air around her.
Dipika looked awful; her usual dark circles worse than ever, hair dank and limp, and lips cracked and blistered. She never used makeup, but this was truly the worst Rupali had ever seen her look in a long while.
“Are you okay, babe?” she asked in a soft whisper. The answer seemed apparent - she was not.
Dipika made a superhuman effort to sound and act normal.
“I haven’t been too well, Rupa. That’s what I had called mom about. Hope she didn’t worry you girls. I’m sure it’s nothing serious. I just haven’t been sleeping much lately and it’s telling on my health.”
Rupali was sure that Dipika was depressed about her father’s upcoming death anniversary.
“Listen, baby … you are going through a tough emotional phase right now. It will get better, I promise. Meanwhile, we are all there for you, okay?” She hoped she sounded more confident than she felt.
Dipika nodded listlessly. Poor Rupali, such a good friend, always looking out for her. Dipika felt a million miles away from her right now.
They finished their coffee and made their way over to a few shops. Rupali could tell Dipika was having trouble walking and put it down to her mystery illness. Psychosomatic symptoms, probably, given her bouts of depression. All she could hope for was that whatever it was, it would clear up and her friend would get back to normal.
Dior, Valentino, Lanvin; there was truly no dearth of high-end brands in the latest styles in the Dubai malls. The girls finally agreed on a stunning Chanel dress, stark and beautiful, in black and white. When Rupali tried it on with the blue turquoise earrings the shop assistant provided, she loved what she saw in the mirror. The hunt for matching shoes took them to the Shoe District where even Dipika was seemingly revived by the stunning collection of Christian Louboutin. Rupa convinced her to pick up a pair of strappy stilettos in hot pink with a gold trim.
Rupali hesitated for a few seconds before charging her card. Sometimes she felt guilty about spending Rohit’s money. However, he had always told her that appearance meant everything - sleek, sophisticated and expensive clothes were his natural choice and, now, hers as well.
Finally, exhausted with their shopping, the girls headed to the parking lot where Rupali’s driver was waiting for them. She asked him to first drop Dipika off at her apartment on Sheikh Zayed Road before heading to her own home.
On her way home, she quickly called up Anjali.

My Honest Review:

We all have a group of friends, whom we have met through various stages of life. Some stay, while some get replaced. Those who stay with us throughout, we assume that we know about them inside out. But sometimes, when a particular situation arises, we feel that person is not the person we knew but is some stranger. 

If You Only Knew Me deals with something similar. This book has a unique blend of friendship, relationships, love, betrayal, suspense, and mystery.

The story is about five women who have settled in Dubai and share a love-hate relationship amongst themselves. But when the need arises, they have each other's back. But is their friendship for real? Are they really what they show they are?

At first, I thought this book is just another suspense murder mystery. But when I started reading, I just couldn't stop until I finished reading the whole book, in just one sitting.

Nice story plot, detailed description of characters, and even more detailed description of their clothes and ensemble, use of simple language are all the plus points of the story. The only minus point is some errors in few initial pages which could have been avoided.

Other than that, this book is definitely a must-read.

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About the author

Divyata Rajaram has been living and working in Dubai for the past fifteen years. An experienced financial service professional, she is also an accomplished singer of Hindustani classical as well as western music. If You Only Knew Me is her first novel based on NRI women living in the UAE, and offers a glimpse into their lives and the challenges they face in a foreign land.

An avid reader of crime fiction, Divyata lives with her husband, their daughter and a beautiful dog in Dubai.      


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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Reflections A to Z 2018 Challenge

Wow, what a hectic month April was…

This year, not only did I opt for a different style of writing the daily blogs but also, I finished on time. Not like previous years where I finished one day/week later.

April A to Z Blog Challenge (to read the details click here) is a challenge where we have to blog every day on the particular letter of the alphabet except on Sundays. We can write on random topics or select a theme. In 2014 I had done random topics (A - Z) while in 2015 the theme was on various medical conditions of children with special needs (Reflections 2015). Then for next two years, I backed out from the challenge at last moment.

This time too, initially I was a bit skeptical on what topics to write. But since a few months, I had been penning down few of my thoughts in form of flash fiction/micro tales; a format which is neither lengthy, nor in form of poems, but still, convey the entire story in a matter of few lines.

Here is the list of my blog post

Not only did I enjoy writing in this format, but also the feedback I got was overwhelming.

Also, I enjoyed reading some great posts by

Though I couldn’t reply to every comment, I would like to thank everyone who read my blogs, voted for me on Indivine, and appreciated my writing.

Also, I thank Rubina Ramesh, Sundari Venkatraman and Dr. Gopikrishnan Nambiar for taking some time out and writing the guest posts.

Last but not the least, thanks to the team of A to Z Challenge for creating such an awesome challenge and doing a great and commendable job in motivating and helping the participants.  

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Picture Credit: Google

She was getting prepared for the D-Day.
Everyone told her about the joy,
But no one warned her about the pain.
Everyone told how her life was gonna change,
But no one told her about the sleepless nights she gonna have.
Everyone told about the happy feeling of being a first timer,
But no one shared the troubles they faced as first timers.

With dreams in eyes, she got ready
When the pain shot through her,
Her family rushed her to the labor room.
And after hours of pain,
She finally delivered a beautiful little mite.

One look at her and she forgot her nine months discomfort,
The hours of pain she just experienced
Just vanished.
She loved the touch of her wet hand.
But she had many thoughts in her mind.
How will she manage?
Will she be a good mother?

With all the thoughts clouding her mind,
She looked at her daughter
Who gave her a toothless smile
And a fist in the air.

She couldn't believe,
She has become a mother
On mother's day...

Happy Mother’s Day she told herself.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Spotlight-Reshma Ranjan's Cherished

Print Length: 95 pages
Publication Date: March 20, 2018
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
Available on Kindle Unlimited 
Genre: Romance 

The last thing Sujal Verma had expected while working out that evening was a desperate call for help. 

For Sunanda, life was like a romantic movie, all dreamy and beautiful, until trouble comes from close quarters. 

Was history repeating itself? Will Sujal be able to save Sunanda from the trauma and pain? Will the reality crush her wings or will she hold on to her buoyant nature and not let the smile on her lips fade away?

All actions have consequences. The consequence of Sunaina's actions in A Promise (Book 2 in the series) plays out in her step-sister Sunanda's life in this novella.

Cherished is Book 3 of the Verma Clan’s Sanctum Series and the conclusion of A Promise. It is the story of a girl who wakes up from a nightmare to realize that the world could be as colorful as the movies she loved to watch. 

Cherished can be read as a standalone book as well. 

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Reshma Ranjan is a passionate romantic who loves literature and has been driven by the romance in nature and the serenity and humbleness of this universe, one who made up her own happy endings in her imagination for every movie or every book with a sad ending.

Also a voracious reader but for which she believes she never could have started writing. Pssttt... And is completely addicted to Barbara Cartland romances. 

You can stalk her @


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Book Blitz-Ruchi Vasudeva's Bollywood Fiance For A Day

Print Length: 172 pages Publisher: Indie published  Publication Date: May 6, 2018 Sold by: Amazon D...