Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby Girl...

Yesterday morning woke up reading shocking news in paper, how a 3 month baby girl has been battered & landed in hospital with skull fracture & brain injuries, whereas her twin sister had died on 12th day after birth.

Which set me thinking why do we hate “Girl Child”???
Why do we forget that if we don’t have baby girls, we won’t have mom, sister, wife or girlfriends…?
Why do we forget that if girls aren’t there how will the family grow, as there will be no one to give birth to kids??
Secondly how can a mom, forget Dad, how can a mom do this???A mom who being a woman herself, who for 9 months nurtured that child in her womb, who gave birth to her, suffering so much pain & trouble, have the heart to batter her own child that way???
Why so much hype for a male child???? As it is said “A son is a son till he gets a wife, (though there are some exceptions, I agree) but a daughter will always be a daughter”.
How many sons’ now-a-days look or care for their parents? Compare the ratio with daughters... Daughters’ inspite of getting married look after their parents as well as in-laws, no matter what...
Being a woman I am not biased, but isn’t it the truth???  I don’t say all sons are like that…some do care for their parents.
But why the longing for a male child, in this century!!!

Who turns your house into home sweet home, who cooks hot, piping food for you, who looks after your kids & parents, who looks after you when you fall sick????It is a woman, either in guise of your mom, wife, sister or your daughter…
How can parents be so cruel & heartless to batter a 3 month, 3 year or a 7 year old girl??? Aren’t we reading this news every other day???Every other day in some corner of the country a girl foetus or baby is found in some drain or a dustbin… how can a mother do this?? Instead of throwing these kids or killing them why not give them for adoption…there are many childless couples who are waiting for a girl to adopt.
We need to wake up...Don’t forget Laxmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Kali, DurgaMa, Mother Mary along with others Goddess are also woman.


  1. I am not too sure if such parents can truly love and care for male children either…

  2. My recents posts have been on this topic.... A daughter is the best blessing one can get. Hope someday people will realize this.


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