Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Food Festival

A couple of weeks back Prerna’s school decided to hold a food festival at their premises, wherein parents have to cook and bring a dish representing their culture and the kids have to dress according to their culture and present the dish…

The main intention of this food festival was for the kids to understand various cultures and food related to that region.

Being a foodie myself, how could I miss the chance to display my culinary skill … So my mind started to work, thinking of all the dishes which represents Udupi-Manglorean culture…?

After coming home I consulted my food experts (My parents), who gave me a big list of recipes, which send my head reeling…Finally I decided to do “Manni” which is sweet prepared using rice, moongdal, coconut and jaggery.

Since this was my 1st food event, I was pretty excited… But two days before event, my BP dropped and I decided to give the event a miss…  But then, previous day I told myself, “Being a foodie how can you miss a food event?” So next day I got up and made the dish and took it to school hoping the kids will love it (fingers crossed)…

When I reached the school, the place was abuzz with excitement of kids, staff and parents alike. We were given a table which had to be shared by 2 kids. My table mate was Yash and his mom who being a Sindhi had made “Dal pakwan”. 

Me n Peru with our dish

Junior MasterChefs

Welcoming Judges

Finally the judges came. The judges, 3 ladies worked for an NGO “Inner Wheel Club of Borivali” who with help of Rotary Club work for betterment of mentally retarded people, kids in orphanage and slums. The Judges were Ms. Meena Kaku (present secretary), Ms. Harsha Desai and Ms. Smitha Parekh (both ex-presidents).

They went on tasting all 15 dishes prepared by kid’s mothers asking how is it prepared, what are ingredients etc etc… 
They did like my dish and were surprised when I told it’s made from rice and moongdal …
Me presenting my dish

Dishes By Teachers
Finally when the time came to announce the winner, they told they were confused as all dishes looked and tasted good… So finally based on best dressed kid, best presented dish and best tastes dish they gave 1st prize to Ajit who was dressed as a Tamilian and made Idli and chutney, 2nd prize went to Harshal whose mother had made patholi and chattambado ( dal wada) and 3rd to Rushikesh whose mom had made Misal pav…

Declaring Winners

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize
They also gave other kids consolation prizes

Well I was happy as all kids, their parents, teachers and judges liked my dish… My hardwork paid off (phew)… Only regret was, I was not able to give 100% attention to that event, as my dear daughter who always plays spoilsport in functions kept crying and demanding my attention… but still I was a happy mom… couldn’t stop smiling, recollecting people’s reactions when told about ingredients of my dish…
Waiting for many more events to attend and participate…

Thank you Sol’s ARC.

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