Sunday, March 30, 2014

Being Me...

From being a simple smily girl and bit stubborn daughter,
       To shy, introvert teenager,
              To newlywed dreamer,
                     To holding my first born,
                           To a struggling mother,
                                  To a blogger…

My journey of life, in finding a new me in various roles.

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Online shopping -

          “Shopping” is that one word which makes all women squeal in delight and all men shiver in their boots.
         But for me it was always the reverse. I never liked shopping. Occasionally window shopping was ok, but I was never comfortable going into any crowded shop or market and digging under heaps of available options and finally choosing one or none.
          So you’ll wonder who did shopping for this mad girl. Well before marriage it was upto my parents and now my hubby who fills up my wardrobe.
        But now, after hearing from my friends what fun I was missing, somewhere down the lane, in corner of my heart, I felt I should give a try. But going to mall still gives me jitters.
           So I heard about online shopping, wherein there are no crowds, no hustling, no long queues, lots of options and varieties all sitting in comfort of our house.
              I started doing some research and finalized on, which is an online shopping site. Since it was my first time, I didn’t want to invest a huge amount of money and take risk. So I set my spending limit to 500 bucks.
          So on a fine day, after my daughter went to sleep, I sat in front of my laptop, and logged in their site. I had thought I would get confused by seeing the options, but I was surprised to see well-arranged site. Since I was not decided on what to buy I kept surfing through the options and got confused and lost on what to buy.
       But I was surprised to see lots of options and discounts that were available on their sites which we don’t get even during sales in malls. So after much searching through their site I finally decided to buy some lip balms and dove elixir oil, as their total came in my set budget.
         Even then I was bit skeptical about, “what if they deliver damaged goods or expired date goods?” But then since they had option of payment on delivery, my mind rested and I placed my order.
     Immediately I got a mail and sms stating my order details and by which date I’ll receive the articles. Though according to that I was supposed to receive it in 4 days from the day of order, I was surprised to receive it in 2 days.

          Till I received my parcel I was kept intimated by their emails as when the consignment was dispatched, when it is supposed to reach me and on what day it might reach my house.

          To sum up, my 1st experience on online shopping was a success and satisfied. I am now looking forward to enjoy the joys of shopping from comforts of my home.

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