Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Youth's Attitude

          Today’s youth and their attitude sometimes surprise me.

On one hand I find the youth very promising and innovative, on other hand I sometimes find them callous, selfish and indifferent attitude.

One such incident I would like to share here happened recently at the therapy clinic where I take my daughter. A child was made to stand using wall as support. The therapist who was handling her, instead of paying attention to the child diverted her mind from the child and the child fell down. Even the mother, who is usually attentive, was distracted for a split of second when the child fell. The child shaken from the incident was consoled by the said therapist asking for forgiveness. At the same time another therapist, a young girl in early twenties who had joined recently told the other one “Why are you so worried if the child fell down?”

I could feel my blood boiling. How can anyone say like that? What if that child had got hurt badly? How can anyone be so careless, so callous??

The child had just missed hitting her head on a stool kept there. What if she had hit her head on the stool and got injured???

The western culture is catching up amongst them. They demand privacy in early days and start confronting over simple otherwise avoidable matters. They prefer no strings sex which is unimaginable for us.

The youth today is less tolerant and sometimes it turns out to be good. We all are aware of the recent rape case to which majority of people who raised their voices, were youth. End-result, the release of strict laws in no time and punishment to the accused.

If those qualities are channelized well they will only do wonders for the society. I find today’s youth super confident, very realistic, and highly enthusiastic. They just want to get started with their career upon completing studies. Highly career-oriented but less patience, want to make quick money in short period of time.

They use their intelligence in creating frauds, hacking etc instead of channelizing the energy in doing something useful for themselves and country. Wish they realize this and bring in a change. Protection Status

Xmas Celebrations

          When I was small two festivals held much of importance; Deepavali and Christmas. Deepavali, the festival of lights wherein we got to burst crackers, wear new dresses and got a month long vacation.

          Christmas was also special because during that festival I got to visit My Mom’s office and have fun. Her company, on a last Friday of the year used to open the doors for the kids of the employees. It used to be fun.

          Games, party, sports, Santa Claus, Jingle bells song, yummy food and lots of gifts; what more a child would want???

          But being a mischievous child, my Mom used to start blackmailing me a week before, “If you don’t behave properly for a week I won’t take you to the party” and me would try to well behave for a whole week.

          On D-day, used to get up early, in the shivering cold, wrapped under sweaters, holding Mom’s hand I used to leave the house, imagining day full of fun. Going by train, then in company bus, meeting all new kids, on reaching there enjoying the food… those were the days…Sweet childhood memories.
Me n my Bro at one such X-mas Party

          Also after Christmas Mom’s friends used to send home loads of Christmas sweets, cakes and all goodies which I and my brother used to fight over for a larger share.

          What a fun day it used to be? Protection Status


          Thanks to this one application on android and other smart phones, people are in constant touch with each other.

Whatsapp got people connected; helped by forming groups and helped them chat, when on move which is not provided by Facebook or Orkut. You can say, we are connected to our near and dear ones irrespective of place, time and at no extra cost....

You know Whatsapp is run by 50 people and made 19 billion when Facebook bought it. Yes....Whatsapp is a huge entrepreneur achievement and while we speak Whatsapp is printing dollars.

I met my long lost friends, some school mates whom we knew nothing about few years back, are ones with whom now I confide in most, today.

I feel my life is same but Whatsapp has tied my hands with my school friends throughout the day so that while I am doing my routine jobs I also say “hi”, smile, laugh, empathatise with their problems, share my feelings....all together…Multitasking… My daily chat with them completes my day... My day starts with “Good Morning” and ends with “Good Night” to all my dearies… In between we catch up with everything; kids, school, office problems, domestic issues, health issues, everything under the sun. Inspite of not being near we have we have a shoulder to cry on, friends to share laughter, agony aunt advice, friendly advice everything.

I am more close to my friends then I was previously. Got to be in touch with them after being separated for so many years.

Thanks to Whatsapp for this beautiful contribution. Protection Status


Vijetha means Victory.

This house of ours has a special value for me and my parents.

My parents had bought this place in native place. It was 10 min walk from sea.

Why it's my favorite??? It had a huge garden surrounding the house, filled with various coloured hibiscus and roses, many coconut trees, few mango trees, many other varieties of flowers and few vegetables.

When initially we shifted to this place it was nothing but a house surrounded with sand. With hard work and determination my parents converted it into a paradise.

My only regret is, my contribution in bringing this change was zero as I got married with a year of shifting here.

After couple of years they sold this place as it was becoming difficult to maintain due to their failing health.

I miss this place. Protection Status


Life is so unpredictable and it was proved to me in month of November when I came to know about the shocking news of death of a very young distant cousin of mine, just 26 years of age. He was coming home with his younger brother to celebrate Diwali when the bus they were travelling meets with an accident.

How heart wrenching it is for the mother, who is getting ready for the festive celebrations as both her sons were coming home but instead her elder son’s lifeless body comes and younger son whose mind, body and soul is shattered on witnessing his elder brother’s death.

How do you console a father who has to take his young first born to cremation on his shoulders, whereas he always thinks of completing his final journey on his son’s shoulders?

How would you understand what that younger brother must be going through, when one moment both brothers were planning how to celebrate Diwali and next moment his life is plunged into darkness, when he witness his brother’s lifeless body in front of his eyes?

No one can imagine the trauma of the younger boy…

You might think of it as a movie scene but it did happen in real.

Mother getting all preparations done for arrival of her sons, both sons excited about spending some free time with their family and friends. Mom and dad waiting for their kid’s arrival in morning, but instead their phone rings and their whole world come crashing down…

Having gone through the trauma of losing an elder brother, I know how difficult it is. You are in a turmoil, whether to console your parents forgetting your own sorrow and feelings or getting drowned in your sorrow.

Praying to God, to give this family all the strength they might need to overcome their grief.

No grief is bigger for a parent than losing young, healthy and grown up kid of theirs so suddenly.

That’s life, which is so unpredictable.
 Protection Status

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thank You, Thanks...

          It's such a common word, often used by all. Sometimes casually, sometimes it means a lot.

          Say this one word to the person who helped you, stranger or known and see their face lit up.

          So today through this blog I would like to Thank all of you who supported me through this A-Z challenge. Thank you all A-Zeders who read my blogs and commented (even though I was unable to find time to reply back or read theirs). Thank you all my friends and well-wishers who supported me and encouraged me through this challenge. Thanks to all my friends, especially to Janaki who told me not to quit this challenge as “you are not a quitter”. Who told me not to lose heart and try but not give up, when in middle of challenge I had thought of giving up.

          Thank you Sangeeta, Mamta, Sunita, Poonam, Kavita R, Kavita J, Viju, Rashmi, Sahana, Vishaka (list is endless), some of my besties who regularly read and commented on my blogs. Thank you all. If I missed some one out please don’t mind as it will take more than a day to name them all.


          A heartfelt thanks and big hug to all once again who read, commented, followed, liked and voted for my blogs.

THANK YOU. Protection Status

School Memories/Friends

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.

          People say school memories and school friends never leave us… They remain in our heart forever… How true is that???

          School life was the best part of my life… I had enjoyed my life to fullest in those 10 years…I had also made many good friends… But I had lost touch with all my school mates after leaving school as I had shifted to my native place for further education…

          But 6 years back when we got a laptop, I was able to get in touch with all my classmates, batch mates through social networking sites.

          Few months back when I got my new phone, I became a part of a group on Whatsapp formed by girls of my batch from school…

          And it was nearly like I had never been out of touch with them… it was nearly 19 years since I passed out from my school. So on friendship day i.e. 1st Sunday in month of August, it was decided that we girls will meet in Thane…

          Soon the D-day arrived. I had butterflies in my stomach…God I am meeting my friends from school after 19 years, will I recognize them, will they recognize me, what will I talk to them??? Questions were endless… Talking on networking site and chats are different then meeting people in real…

          Finally I reached the venue and it was like 19 years, says who??? We had never separated…
1st Meet At Korum Mall

           In this past 1 year we met thrice. And all the times it was more girls from school and more fun.

          School memories/friends are the first friends we make in our life and it remains for lifetime.

2nd Meet at Tikujini Wadi

            School memories are those memories we cherish throughout our life. It's the life wherein we enjoyed without any worries or tensions. Ask anyone, and all will reply school life was the best part of our life.


         Being in touch with our school friends even after school is the best thing one can ever wish for.

Thanks to networking sites and applications I met my friends after so many years and a very strong bond has formed among us... We are like one big family.

3rd meet at My Place

Love my School Memories and my School Friends. Protection Status



          I always had fascination for rainbows since childhood.
        The beautiful seven coloured bow across the sky, after rain goes away, is, perhaps, the nature’s way of saying, the manner in which the sun rays brings out colours through a rainbow on sky covered with dark clouds after heavy showers, in our life too, similarly, there will a ray of light bringing out rainbow colours even if we are surrounded by dark clouds of sorrow or trouble. Protection Status

Monday, April 28, 2014


          No one wants to be known as a quitter. But then why do some people quit??? Some of the reasons why people give up are lack of interest, lack of confidence, lack of patience…
          Some quit because they just lack the drive to challenge themselves. How will you know your strengths until you test your limits…So never Quit until you have tried your best.

          But same doesn’t apply to bad habits like smoking, drinking and drugs intake. These bad habits are best if not touched at all. And if need to quit, make an effort and quit. Protection Status


In Hindi “Prerna” means “Inspiration”.

That’s my daughter, who entered my life to be an inspiration, inspiration to fight, inspiration to never lose heart and be strong. Inspiration to always be heads up, even in tough situation. 

Prerna or Peru as she is called by all... Our Inspiration, Our Life. Protection Status

Ohh la la...

Oh la la… is all I can say when I watch this flower blooming video.

Speechless, Mesmerizing, Beautiful, Enchanting lovely video.

 People who love nature and flora will definitely love this video. Protection Status

Friday, April 25, 2014



 What is Nature? --- God’s creation.

Who created Humans? --- God.

          But then why is one creation of God destroying, spoiling God’s another creation…


              Visit any tourist spot in India, it is littered with plastic bottles, wrappers, plates and glasses. Trees cut down to make way for highways, forests destroyed to build huge complexes.

           People visit sanctuaries, beaches to rejuvenate and be in touch in nature. And in return, spoil the scenic beauty by littering it and commercializing it.

To me, nature is synonymous to peace and serenity. I can be in their company for hours and enjoy its natural beauty.

A true nature’s lover makes sure they don’t spoil its beauty.

Similarly God has given each and every one natural beauty in their own sense. So why spoil it with loads of makeup and cosmetics and cosmetic surgery???

Let’s enjoy and appreciate what’s natural --- Nature and beauty. Both given to us, by God. Protection Status

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

M for Ma, Mom, Mother

This song is a very heart touching song… sung by a child who is far away in a boarding school and is missing his mother, trying to explain his feelings to his mother.

This song is from movie Taare Zameen Par. This movie is about a child suffering from dyslexia. His struggle, his family’s reaction and how he overcomes his problem etc.

This song never stops to make me emotional. I remember while watching the song I had tears rolling from my eyes. With the passage of time and being a mother, I have realized just how vulnerable we are when it comes to our child and this song brings out the essence of our emotion.

          Every time I hear this song it brings tears to my eyes. Protection Status

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