Thursday, April 3, 2014

Care for a Catdrive ...

Today’s alphabet is “C”…

In school we have learnt C for Cat and I know today cat-lovers are having a field day. Though I don’t have pets at home, I love pets.

This photo was clicked by me, in our complex. I liked the way the cat was sitting comfortably on the vehicle. But it ran away as soon as I moved towards it to click a closer picture.

It was like, asking “Care to take me on a drive, meeeoooww”. Protection Status


  1. Look at the stare. penetrating ;)
    good click

  2. You captured the cat nicely. I love cats as well :) Nice to meet you, and I like your follower

  3. The cat looks like he is saying "just walk away and no one has to get hurt...." But we all know cats are plotting our demise.

    Great blog! Looking forward to more.


  4. Cool picture. Cats are so complex. :-)

  5. CUTE POST ! :) my frnds call me MMEEEOWWW

  6. Love cats. I can't believe you caught this one, it's great!

  7. Such a cute photo which matches your word for C completely. Nice caption!


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