Friday, April 4, 2014

Daughters ...Blessing in disguise

Today’s alphabet is “D” and what’s better topic than Daughter…

Somewhere I had read “A Son remains son till he gets married, but a daughter remains daughter throughout her life”

Though I don’t fully agree with this quote, it’s true in some cases. A girl adorns various roles through her life span, role of a daughter, role of sister, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, sister-in-law, mother-in-laws etc, but role and duties of a daughter never ceases.

Being a daughter myself, I realize how difficult it is sometime to balance our roles in both households, as a daughter and as a wife/daughter-in-law.

Sometimes we have to take sides, which is heart breaking. Though sons too have various roles to play, it’s always the daughter who comes to rescue.

But I would say it’s not always the case… As we say each coin has 2 sides, similarly each role too has 2 faces.

I have seen some daughters fight with each other for parental money, or house. Some, abandoning their parents, for sake of their money or property.

  As I said each story has two sides. Some parents treat their daughters well, and some treat her as an unwanted person, some daughters are treated like princess and some as servant…

Previously arrival of daughter was treated as a curse in households, even now in some places if a girl is born, people are disappointed. But what I don’t understand is you people need a wife to take care of you and bore you kids, cook food and look after your parents, you need a sister to tie Rakhi on your wrist and to boss on her, you need a mother to nurse you when you are ill, feed you when you are hungry, you need a woman to do all the duties, but then why, when a daughter is born she is not welcomed in your heart, life and house.

Even today I have seen many parents mistreating their daughter. But what I don’t understand why be partial with sons and daughter? Why they forget that their wife is someone’s daughter, their mother is also someone’s daughter, your sister also, then why is your daughter not welcomed???

Being a daughter and having one myself, I feel daughter or son, why differentiate. Now-a-days, wherein people are opting for 1 child per family, just imaging if there are no girls, how the circle of life will move forward. It’s called balance of life; we need both males and females for taking our generation forward.

Stop treating females as just a thing to vent your frustration, anger or taking revenge. They are also humans with like others with flesh, bones, feelings and wishes just like other…

Daughters or sons treat them as equal, teach them not to differentiate or feel different or superior or inferior to other sex…

We shouldn’t teach Daughters how to dress but to teach our sons how to treat a Girl…

“One of the greatest gifts I've ever gotten is my daughter.”
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  1. The issue taken by you is ever burning, being a daughter my parents looked at me for strength when times were tough and when I became a daughter-in-law my parents-in-law confide in me more than their son, guess they got the daughter they always prayed for but never had. I might be the lucky one and my case might be a rare one as when I hear my relatives say to my mother "Thank God you have a son (my younger brother)" My mother proudly says "Thank God I have a daughter who is with me and will be there for my son while i am gone."

  2. I have a daughter too....and I look at her.....and can even people not love these adorable little things....they must be really mad!

  3. I fully agree! Well said. Besides, without daughters there would be no women and without women there would be no race. Happy A - Z ing :)

  4. Very well said Aparna. I have a daughter and a son and they are both special to me.

  5. I'm the youngest in my family and a surprise, so my mom would agree that I'm a blessing in disguise. ;) I don't have a daughter yet, but One day I hope to know what it's like to have a little girl, a little blessing. :)

  6. Very from-the-heart post, this one.

  7. I am blessed with two daughters, and a son, and love them all immeasurably.

  8. Like Melanie I have both sexes and love them all equally and individually :)
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  9. Thank God for my Daughter each day. Thank God equally for my Son each Day. From now on will Pray to God for those foolish souls who really does not understand the simple facts of ongoing life and divide it on the basis of X and Y chromosomes... Lovely post...

  10. Aparna, your sentiment is very well meaning, but I don't see anything in your post which says that a daughter should be valued for what she is as a person and not what she means to another - i.e. daughter, wife, sister, mother etc!
    Forgive me if I am mistaken!

  11. I wish the society understood how to follow gender equality. Sadly, we are far from it!

  12. My daughter is the most important person of my life and I hated when the Lord called her home as I miss her so much we was best friends but then he graced me with a son and I love him just as much but I can not do the things used to do with Suzzane and I hate that as I miss out on things I love doing but then I get to do new and different things with Charlie I would not have done with Suzzane.

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  14. Oh! That final line is GOOD! As a mother of four sons and a daughter (the youngest, now seventeen) I loved this post. I hope I've taught my boys to respect women. It would be one of the most important things I could have taught them.
    Visiting from the A to Z challenge :)


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