Thursday, April 10, 2014

Health is wealth

          So true this quote is… Health is everything; if we are in good health we can achieve anything in our life. But if in bad health, nothing comes to our aid.

          In recent times health industry has flourished a lot. Gym, health care, diet clinics, weight loss clinics, you name it. But has anyone given a thought why does our generation need to spend money on all these things to be healthy???

          Our ancestors didn’t go to gym to maintain good physique, nor had food restrictions. They used to gorge on sweets and oily stuffs made from maida (white flour), sugar and oil and still used to live to complete a century, sometimes beyond that.

          Whereas now, the day we are born, food restrictions start. No sugar, no oily, fried stuff, no white flour, no white rice, no full cream milk, no butter etc…

          List of “No” is endless now-a-days. Why???

          People in twenties develop grey hair, people in twenties and thirties suffer from diabetes and blood pressure, kids as small as 3-4 years wear specs… inspite of all the advanced technologies and science why is human body growing weak???

           Prolonged use of pesticides, unnatural ripening of fruits and vegetables are some of the reasons. Why have humans become so greedy, corrupt and selfish, that for making quick bucks they are using unnatural methods to grow and cultivate food and make adulterous mixes?  

          What they forget is that “life comes in full circle”… This will not only affect others but themselves also, because their family too eats and drinks same fruits, vegetables and grains. Who is responsible for the spoiled environment and pollutions? What people have forgotten that one impurity spoils the whole balance, the whole food cycle which in turn spoils everything…?


           But everyone is busy with their own troubles, in their own thoughts, in their own life, who give a thought to this? When a disaster happens, everyone raise their voices, after few days they move on to new topic and the old one is forgotten.

          Can the damage be reversed? Can one person bring that change? Can we lead a healthy life? Can our future generations be healthy...?

We need to think about it. Health is wealth. Protection Status


  1. very correct.... Its time to shift the focus... spread the mantra of being healthy... Its all about being healthy!!!

  2. Yes,too many additives in food spoil the nutritive value of food .

    1. True Vasudha ...but fast food fad is fast catching up :)

  3. Having lunch inside my car.. didn't find a convenient place to open my home-made lunch box while on the go. Can you beat that :-)

    Nice post. Liked almost all your posts. Can so relate to all of them..

  4. Hello Aparna. A very informative post....We really need to shift our focus and soon. Lovely visiting your blog. Happy Blogging A to Z.

  5. Great post full of useful tips! My site is fairly new and I am also having a hard time getting my readers to leave comments. Analytics shows they are coming to the site but I have a feeling “nobody wants to be first”.
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