Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Joys of Life

          How true are above quotes???

          What are joys of life??? What does one get joy from? Simple, little things like holding a new born baby, baby’s 1st smile, 1st touch, 1st hug, 1st word or buying 1st car or new house or getting 1st job or salary, seeing baby taking steps, meeting school friends after a long period of time. After a long hectic day at office when you come home tired and drained and you see your long lost friend sitting on your couch, or an unexpected call from someone you loved and had lost contact, seeing flowers bloom in your garden, or fruits on your plants, seeing your kid perform on stage, or seeing smile on that person’s face who just opened up your gift, or surprise gifts from your loved ones without occasion…such small things bring such a joy in our life and a big smile on our face.

          Joy means happiness… joy is seeing the person you love, smile. Joy is in giving help to needful and see them happy.

          But in our busy day-to-day life somewhere we miss seeing these joys. Kids busy in their life fail to see their parent’s loneliness. What they don’t see that spending few time bring joy in their life.

          Similarly parents who are busy in their jobs fail to see that it's not their expensive gifts or toys which lights up their kids face but their mere presence is what makes that kid smile.

          So let’s try to bringing up those small joys in life our loved ones by giving some time to them, by making them smile. That’s really what joy would mean. And not only them, but seeing them smile will also bring joy to your heart.

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
 Mother Teresa
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  1. I think it all boils down to self-contentment. Only when one is content can one find joy in things and also give people around, reasons to be happy. :)

  2. ya ... Its all about being Happy!!!

  3. Beautiful post!
    We should always remember Mother Teresa's quote, both while giving and while receiving.

  4. Lovely. =D I am fortunate to spend lots of time each day with my children. Their smiles are masterpieces, and their laughter my favorite music.

  5. Yes, time is the best gift and keeps bonds strong.


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