Friday, April 25, 2014



 What is Nature? --- God’s creation.

Who created Humans? --- God.

          But then why is one creation of God destroying, spoiling God’s another creation…


              Visit any tourist spot in India, it is littered with plastic bottles, wrappers, plates and glasses. Trees cut down to make way for highways, forests destroyed to build huge complexes.

           People visit sanctuaries, beaches to rejuvenate and be in touch in nature. And in return, spoil the scenic beauty by littering it and commercializing it.

To me, nature is synonymous to peace and serenity. I can be in their company for hours and enjoy its natural beauty.

A true nature’s lover makes sure they don’t spoil its beauty.

Similarly God has given each and every one natural beauty in their own sense. So why spoil it with loads of makeup and cosmetics and cosmetic surgery???

Let’s enjoy and appreciate what’s natural --- Nature and beauty. Both given to us, by God. Protection Status


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