Monday, April 28, 2014


          No one wants to be known as a quitter. But then why do some people quit??? Some of the reasons why people give up are lack of interest, lack of confidence, lack of patience…
          Some quit because they just lack the drive to challenge themselves. How will you know your strengths until you test your limits…So never Quit until you have tried your best.

          But same doesn’t apply to bad habits like smoking, drinking and drugs intake. These bad habits are best if not touched at all. And if need to quit, make an effort and quit. Protection Status


  1. I like how you showed both sides to the 'Quitting' coin.

  2. Highly inspiring!!! I am charged up..:)

    And I agree with Sakshi..Both quitting (bad habits) and not quitting indeed require same amount of strength, will-power, patience and passion to achieve something.. Nicely put up!!!

  3. Rightly said Sakshi n Kavita... Quit is a coin, toss it but u decide which side u wanna choose - positive or negative.

  4. Dont Quit bcoz the road is hard... Good things come from hard work only...;)
    Juz quit the right stuff at the right tym..
    Aps well said...

  5. As long as there is a benefit to staying the course and a profitable outcome on the horizon, it's best not to quit and try harder if need be. But when there is no benefit to an activity and it is potentially damaging then quit as fast as you can and run away.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  6. I like your last quote!

  7. Very inspiring post!
    #theawsomedish, visiting from the a to z challenge.


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