Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Life is so unpredictable and it was proved to me in month of November when I came to know about the shocking news of death of a very young distant cousin of mine, just 26 years of age. He was coming home with his younger brother to celebrate Diwali when the bus they were travelling meets with an accident.

How heart wrenching it is for the mother, who is getting ready for the festive celebrations as both her sons were coming home but instead her elder son’s lifeless body comes and younger son whose mind, body and soul is shattered on witnessing his elder brother’s death.

How do you console a father who has to take his young first born to cremation on his shoulders, whereas he always thinks of completing his final journey on his son’s shoulders?

How would you understand what that younger brother must be going through, when one moment both brothers were planning how to celebrate Diwali and next moment his life is plunged into darkness, when he witness his brother’s lifeless body in front of his eyes?

No one can imagine the trauma of the younger boy…

You might think of it as a movie scene but it did happen in real.

Mother getting all preparations done for arrival of her sons, both sons excited about spending some free time with their family and friends. Mom and dad waiting for their kid’s arrival in morning, but instead their phone rings and their whole world come crashing down…

Having gone through the trauma of losing an elder brother, I know how difficult it is. You are in a turmoil, whether to console your parents forgetting your own sorrow and feelings or getting drowned in your sorrow.

Praying to God, to give this family all the strength they might need to overcome their grief.

No grief is bigger for a parent than losing young, healthy and grown up kid of theirs so suddenly.

That’s life, which is so unpredictable.
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  1. ..cannot even imagine such a situation...let them have the strength to sail through this grief..

  2. :( No words can explain the sadness. We also pray for them.

  3. That's painful. Hope the family gets d strength to overcome d sorrow.


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