Wednesday, April 30, 2014


          Thanks to this one application on android and other smart phones, people are in constant touch with each other.

Whatsapp got people connected; helped by forming groups and helped them chat, when on move which is not provided by Facebook or Orkut. You can say, we are connected to our near and dear ones irrespective of place, time and at no extra cost....

You know Whatsapp is run by 50 people and made 19 billion when Facebook bought it. Yes....Whatsapp is a huge entrepreneur achievement and while we speak Whatsapp is printing dollars.

I met my long lost friends, some school mates whom we knew nothing about few years back, are ones with whom now I confide in most, today.

I feel my life is same but Whatsapp has tied my hands with my school friends throughout the day so that while I am doing my routine jobs I also say “hi”, smile, laugh, empathatise with their problems, share my feelings....all together…Multitasking… My daily chat with them completes my day... My day starts with “Good Morning” and ends with “Good Night” to all my dearies… In between we catch up with everything; kids, school, office problems, domestic issues, health issues, everything under the sun. Inspite of not being near we have we have a shoulder to cry on, friends to share laughter, agony aunt advice, friendly advice everything.

I am more close to my friends then I was previously. Got to be in touch with them after being separated for so many years.

Thanks to Whatsapp for this beautiful contribution. Protection Status


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