Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Xmas Celebrations

          When I was small two festivals held much of importance; Deepavali and Christmas. Deepavali, the festival of lights wherein we got to burst crackers, wear new dresses and got a month long vacation.

          Christmas was also special because during that festival I got to visit My Mom’s office and have fun. Her company, on a last Friday of the year used to open the doors for the kids of the employees. It used to be fun.

          Games, party, sports, Santa Claus, Jingle bells song, yummy food and lots of gifts; what more a child would want???

          But being a mischievous child, my Mom used to start blackmailing me a week before, “If you don’t behave properly for a week I won’t take you to the party” and me would try to well behave for a whole week.

          On D-day, used to get up early, in the shivering cold, wrapped under sweaters, holding Mom’s hand I used to leave the house, imagining day full of fun. Going by train, then in company bus, meeting all new kids, on reaching there enjoying the food… those were the days…Sweet childhood memories.
Me n my Bro at one such X-mas Party

          Also after Christmas Mom’s friends used to send home loads of Christmas sweets, cakes and all goodies which I and my brother used to fight over for a larger share.

          What a fun day it used to be? Protection Status


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