Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Youth's Attitude

          Today’s youth and their attitude sometimes surprise me.

On one hand I find the youth very promising and innovative, on other hand I sometimes find them callous, selfish and indifferent attitude.

One such incident I would like to share here happened recently at the therapy clinic where I take my daughter. A child was made to stand using wall as support. The therapist who was handling her, instead of paying attention to the child diverted her mind from the child and the child fell down. Even the mother, who is usually attentive, was distracted for a split of second when the child fell. The child shaken from the incident was consoled by the said therapist asking for forgiveness. At the same time another therapist, a young girl in early twenties who had joined recently told the other one “Why are you so worried if the child fell down?”

I could feel my blood boiling. How can anyone say like that? What if that child had got hurt badly? How can anyone be so careless, so callous??

The child had just missed hitting her head on a stool kept there. What if she had hit her head on the stool and got injured???

The western culture is catching up amongst them. They demand privacy in early days and start confronting over simple otherwise avoidable matters. They prefer no strings sex which is unimaginable for us.

The youth today is less tolerant and sometimes it turns out to be good. We all are aware of the recent rape case to which majority of people who raised their voices, were youth. End-result, the release of strict laws in no time and punishment to the accused.

If those qualities are channelized well they will only do wonders for the society. I find today’s youth super confident, very realistic, and highly enthusiastic. They just want to get started with their career upon completing studies. Highly career-oriented but less patience, want to make quick money in short period of time.

They use their intelligence in creating frauds, hacking etc instead of channelizing the energy in doing something useful for themselves and country. Wish they realize this and bring in a change. Protection Status


  1. Excellent write up, but their are underlying forces under the negatives, first the population and the competition is the fiercest, My Dad started his career at 27 and I at 27 am already planning an early retirement so, I am planning big bucks after working for the past seven years. The exposure, internet, has made the world small and national and cultural boundaries are blurring, most of them are better bred than the earlier generation and are sometimes the only child, they are spoilt by the former generation (parents) and are not at all empathetic, when they face the real world after their dreamy home school and college world they burn out like crazy, the schools these days not only shun corporal punishment but actually take teachers with a strong manner if they scold two kids who are behaving indecently, syllabuses made easy, no one to correct, pampered wrongly, the youth need to have a strong inbuilt morality or they are gone forever


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