Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zero Size Figure

          In recent times people have become health conscious. People worry about how they look, how to dress, etc.

          More important, people especially women are worried about their figures. They all want to have size zero figure. Slim and trim.

          Thanks to all Bollywood heroines, size zero is occupying mind on women of all ages. And to attain that size some take to crash diets, gym, and what not leading to health issues which they neglect.

          Why can't people be happy with how they are? Why do men prefer to have wife or their girlfriends to be slim? Girls too prefer to be size zero. They look down at people who are bit healthy. Why?

          But what they don’t realize is that is the reason of weakness, failing health, bone issues, list is endless…

          You need not be size zero or double size. But what is important is that you remain healthy and disease free. That’s what is important. What will you achieve if you have hour glass figure but constantly keep falling sick?

But yes being overweight or obese is also not good. You need to maintain your health. That is important not the size. Unless you are happy with yourself, no one will see your positive attitude, your inner beauty. External beauty fades away, what remains is inner beauty.

Be happy with the way you look. Remaining fit is necessary but don’t make it an obsession.

Eat healthy and remain fit. Protection Status


  1. So true Aps. well written article!!

  2. Love ur Z post and its a beautiful post..guess kariena is guilty of size zero in Tashan and is a product of media hype.

  3. size zero is the most ridiculous thing ever, When I was in my college, I accidentally gained this size zero things (keeping away from Mom's food and love :( ) and I fainted on quiet a few occasions, had a near negligible blood pressure, got muscle cramps every night, invited migraine, had immense hair loss. We are real women not some screen goddess girls should understand that we need to work hard and for that we need physical strength alongwith mental and that doesn't come from "zero figure", No exercise can give you an hour glass figure, you are born with it, it's the bone structure and a woman becomes beautiful when she feels beautiful, Isn't being a woman, the feeling of it is very beautiful? Excellently written and I do agree. Please visit my blogs , ,


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