Sunday, July 20, 2014

You have got mail-- A surprise gift

        Some years back when there was no email, no sms, we used to communicate and pass on information and be in touch through an art called writing letters to our near and dear ones. There was also an activity called “chain mail”. Wherein one person sends letter to ten of his/her friends, who then again send them to ten more of their friends and this chain continues…

       But with invent of new technology and gadgets and social media network, somewhere down the line we have lost the art of writing letters to our near and dear ones.

       So when admins of Indiblogeshwari group decided to start this “You have got mail” activity all were excited and enthusiastic. In this we have to send a gift and a hand written note to a Blogeshwari from our group, not from our same town.

       I was chosen by Kirti Mukherjee from Gurgaon, Haryana. Last week when I received my package of gift and hand written note, I was overwhelmed.

       Gift consisted of 2 miniature Ganpatis with stones and a book “Social Potpourri- An Anthology”.


        Being a staunch Ganpati believer I was so happy and feeling blessed with the gift and after reading the book, I was speechless. Such nice stories, no wonder Kirti told the book is dear to her, and now it’s also dear to me too…

Thanks Kirti for such wonderful gifts and Thanks Janaki, Vinita and Sharmila for starting this activity which helped us make and know each other in our group. Protection Status


  1. Touched to the core Aparna! Thank you so much for writing this post! It made my day (read year) : ) Tons of love!

  2. Happy that this activity brought smile to your lips and gladdened your heart.


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