Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MatrikaS Scribble your heart away

          Love for reading and writing was initiated to me by my Dad when I was in school. He used to get me all types of comics and story books of our time to get me hooked to reading. And since I was a bookworm, I used to lap up all those books as a hungry and starved child.
           One fine day my Dad gave me a dairy in my hand (not the fancy, artistic one, but a plain boring dairy which the bank people give it to their customers on start of New Year) and told me “you have read enough, now concentrate on your writing skills. Note down your day to day activity, your daily experience, secrets which you can’t share with us, all in this dairy. It will help you evolve as a person.”
         And truly, this writing habit of mine did help me. Even now whenever I hit a low point or high point, I jot down the details and it helps me clear my mind and conscience and think clearly. This writing habit also helped me increase my hold on English language and helped me start blogging.
        Due to my love for writing and reading I was always gifted with books or writing material in my childhood. And I, being me used to always keep 1 page of unused sheet or paper aside as a remembrance of the gift I received.
          So when I saw MatrikaSScribble your heart away …” campaign on Facebook, I thought let’s give it a try. Let’s see what’s new for writers. But when I received the package, I was awestruck. Even my parents who were present when I received the parcel were held in awe, as the products I received were totally awesome.
          I received 3 cube works ring books in yellow, pink and green, 1 notebook (journal) & 1 notebook (6 Subject).
        What I 1st noticed that each piece was individually and neatly packed, the colours, the outer cover design, all too good. Great attention was given to each and every small detail.

 For example, the ring books were individually packed in plastic covers, the book’s front cover itself is hard plastic cover, which prevents it from getting crumpled or spoiled by rough use or by getting wet. The intricate design on the cover itself it too delicate and beautiful.

Cubeworks Ringbooks

The notebook journal is another beauty, black cover with golden margin, small and easy for a person on move to carry. In short it’s a black beauty.  What I loved about this journal, though called Journal, its small in size, easily fitting in small handbag or office bag, so easy for a person who always travels. Plus it doesn’t have printed dates on every page which means one can make multiple entries for same date or skip few days if you don’t have any entry to make for some reason.

Notebook (Journal)

Also separate pages for important dates to remember, to write down which books I want to read or work which has to be accomplished or for a person who travels there is a section to note down place one might want to visit on his travel, and for a person like me who makes a note of all expenses done, this journal has 12 pages to write down details of expenses done.

Last but not the least the notebook (6 Subject) is one real beauty. I fell in love at 1st sight. Its metallic blue cover with a game board on front, its jet black binding with silver writings is hard to resist. This notebook, too, like journal has no printed dates on top, so again it is useful for multiple entries. The pristine white ruled pages are inviting you to start writing on them.
Notebook (6 Subject) Front view

Notebook(6 subject) Back view

Black Binding with silver writing

In all, I loved all the products sent to me by MatrikaS and would surely recommend it to my friends and relatives. It is also a very good gifting option for those who love gifting stationery and to people who loves to write. I feel anyone who receives MatrikaS products will start writing as soon as it lands on their work desk.

Thank you, MatrikaS for giving me this opportunity to explore your products and use them and also gave me a chance to review them. Protection Status


  1. Congrats Apps once again good description of the books and continue your reading habits would love to read more from you


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