Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 - A Retrospection

I know I am a bit tad late in posting about new year and the resolutions I made for this year… but like the year which went by, the initial days of this year too passed in a blur. It's 15th of Jan and I don’t know how these days have flown by…

It's like, we are still thinking about what to do on Dec 31st and it came and went too… I am still fiddling writing 2015 instead of 2014 in dairies and cheques.
2014 was a not such a great year for me. There had been many ups and downs, many highs and lows of my life. As someone had put it to me ‘2014 was a learning year. I learned a lot in those 12 months. I was a learner in 2014.’

I had waited for 2014 with great hopes and expectations. It came and went… many of hopes got squashed to pulp, many expectations dashed to ground. 2014 proved to be a year of learning, stumbling & falling on road blocks, getting up and dusting the dirt and moving on.

The quote “one’s real behavior is exposed in state of crisis” holds so true for me in the past year.

Yes, I came to know the real nature of many near and dear ones, whom I thought I know their real faces. Those rose tinted glasses took a long time to come off.

In this process I discovered my true self too, the true me, who had gone into hiding, trying to fulfill the duties of a wife, a mother and a daughter.

Though this change was not welcomed by everyone with good enthusiasm, I was termed selfish. Yes, I have changed, and I prefer to stay that way. I always gave preference to my dear ones, but now I prefer to think a little bit about me too, if that’s being selfish, I would love being called selfish. For these many years, I did what others wanted, lived like they wanted me to do. Even after 35 years if they are still not satisfied and constantly crib about how wrong I am, and what I didn’t or don’t do for them, then I have reached my limit and it's time to take back charge of my life.

So this year I have decided to dedicate some time and energy to myself.

  • Will try to regain my health (which has already gone for a toss), by trying to maintain a good, healthy food habits
  •  Renew some of my hobbies (1st preference is to get back to reading)
  •  Start blogging again and also regularly.
  •  Trying new recipes atleast 1 every month if not every week.
  •  Try to lose some of extra flab that has accumulated over so many years 
  •  Atleast have a half hour daily as “Me” time, wherein no one can dare disturb me.

2014 taught me some life learning lessons which did hurt at beginning, but they made me strong. I wish to remain so. Hope 2015 proves to be a good and brings in good luck and results. Protection Status


  1. Beautiful article.... So articulate!!!

  2. Best Wishes! Hope 2015 proves to be the most fabulous year for you :)

    1. Thanks N Wishing U too a great year ahead Devashree :)

  3. Nice and crispy. There is nothing wrong in being selfish. I believe only if one's happy can one make people around also, happy..

    1. Thank U Kavita, yes its true, n sometimes in keeping everyone happy we tend to forget ourselves :)


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