Monday, March 23, 2015

A to Z Challenge - Theme Reveal

Come April and bloggers all over the world will get set for the month long blogging challenge, “The A to Z Challenge”.

This is my 2nd year of the challenge. Last year I didn’t have a theme, actually I hadn’t thought I would be able to complete the challenge, but the motivation and support of some of my true friends kept me going and I successfully completed the challenge last year, though a tad  bit late.

This year, I thought why not take the challenge a step higher by setting a theme. Since my life revolves mainly with differently abled kids, why not write something about them, which will help me also to understand my kid better.

So this year my theme will be “Kids – God’s Special Gifts”, all about various conditions of kids, therapies, diet etc.

Hope I will be able to fulfill the expectations of people who are looking forward reading my blog and also of those who are expecting me to create and spread more awareness about our kids.

Wish me luck and I wish all fellow participants all the very best for the month long Blogging Challenge. See you on 1st April with letter “A”. Protection Status

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