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Homeopathy for our kids

 My 2nd guest post is by Dr. Gopikrishnan Nambiar who is a well-known Homeopath, practicing since 2001 at his clinic Homeoworld at Goregaon and also at Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mira road and has also started blogging recently. 

Dr. Gopikrishnan Nambiar became a homeopathic doctor by choice; after the “sweet sugared pills” relieved him of his childhood sickness when other medicines failed. After finishing his graduation in 1995 from Fr. Mullers Homeopathic Medical college, Mangalore he started his practice. Then in 1997 he joined for his MD (homeopathy) in Materia medica at A. M. Shaikh Homeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka.

After his completion of MD studies in 2000, he has been working as a Consultant in his Clinic “HomeoWorld” since 2001 which is jointly run by him and his wife who is also MD in Homeopathy and as a Consultant in Bhakti Vedanta Hospital since 2002.

He shows special interest in treating respiratory diseases, Autism, ADHD, skin diseases, PCOD, Infertility & Kidney Stones.

My whole family, who is being treated by Dr. Nambiar, when I told him about this blogging challenge and requested him to do a guest post, he was more than obliged.

Over to you Doc…

Many of the illnesses of childhood can be effectively treated with homeopathy. There are many disorders that make a child differently abled, like autism, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, ADHD etc. Ever since the science of homoeopathy was introduced 200 years ago Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is gaining popularity as an alternative treatment for these children. Today, there are many paediatricians preferring homoeopathic treatment for their children and patients. Children respond wonderfully to simple homeopathic medicines. The sweet pills and powders are easily accepted by children.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder of children. It is often believed to have genetic component. Children with ADHD are impulsive, overactive, inattentive, poor learners, and are frequently disruptive, aggressive and uncontrollable. 

Homeopaths who are treating children for ADHD have reported good results. In a study it was observed that the children receiving homeopathic medicines showed significantly less ADHD behaviour than those given placebos. 

Autism, when compared to ADHD is much more difficult to treat. However homeopaths who treat autistic children are seeing significant progress in majority of cases. If treatment begins early, i.e. before the age of 5 there is room for great hope. Even later treatment can find success. But you must have commitment and patience as treatment is a long term process that will take months and years, not just days or weeks.

If your child shows delays in reading, doing mathematics, difficulty in reading and writing, take your child to a homeopath, not only will these specific problems be treated, but your child will be assessed as a whole person. Homeopathy will address his other illnesses in addition to the learning challenges. Within weeks or a couple of months of finding the right homeopathic medicine, you will find noticeable changes in your child.

The children after starting homeopathic treatment shows improvement in grades in school, ease at doing homework, changes in behavior and in handwriting. The child’s confidence and maturity increases. Teachers can appreciate the changes in the child’s learning skills. 

Cerebral Palsy is the commonest cause of physical disabilities in childhood due to defects of brain during pregnancy, child birth and the first few years of birth. 
CP child has damaged brain, so it develops very slowly. Development in CP children depends on the severity of brain damage.

Homeopathic medicines improve I.Q and neuromuscular abilities, so milestones start appearing faster. It improves in neck holding, sitting, standing and walking. It improves in understanding of the child, calculating capacity and schooling capacity. It stops recurrent infections. So the child regains immunity to fight diseases. It improves the child’s anxiety, depression, tightness of arm and leg muscles and squint.

Epilepsy is a disorder of central nervous system. The convulsions are commonly labeled as grand or petit mal (complete or partial according to symptoms). Homeopathy offers a cure in cases of epilepsy but the time taken will depend up on the severity of the case. We have many complete cures where the patient remains free from attacks of fits. Constitutional homeopathic treatment is the right option for epilepsy, however there are acute medicines which take care of attacks of epilepsy and prevent recurrence.

The homeopathic approach in handling chronic disorders depends up on the totality of symptoms presented by the patients. It targets the genetic tendencies as well and thus offers effective management.

The homeopathic case evaluation of the children who are physically challenged includes detail study of presenting complaints, past history, family history of serious diseases, personal history and mental and emotional status of the individual child. The case analysis also takes into account of altered behaviour, social skills, communication, speech, tantrums, etc. It is easy to take. The pills are sweet and are absolutely non-toxic.

Homeopathic medicines vary from individual to individual as its prescribed according to the symptoms.

The key is …..The earlier the age, the better success
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  1. thank you for such an informative post. I remember taking sweet homeopathic medicines when I was a kid :)

  2. I was not aware that Homeopathy offered succour for these very disabling conditions. An informative post.

  3. A very informative post. I was not aware that Homeopathy can be used to treat Autism and Cerebral Palsy. Homeopathy is the safest form of treatment and although the result may take longer time to show, there are no side effects. Thank you for sharing :)


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