Friday, April 10, 2015

Infantile Hemiplegia

          Infantile hemiplegia is a type of cerebral palsy, which occurs due to brain damage before or during birth (lack of oxygen supply) or after birth (post birth infection). Hemiplegia means paralysis in one vertical half of body and usually the paralysis occurs on opposite side of affected part of brain. That means, if right side of child’s brain is damaged then the kid’s left side will be paralyzed.

          Symptoms of infantile hemiplegia are usually tightness of muscles in the affected side often known as spasticity, difficulty in walking and balancing, delayed milestones etc. They also suffer from behaviour issues; anger issues, cognitive function governed by that side of brain gets affected. Sometimes the hand and/or leg of affected side might be short in length compared to normal limb. Because of their asymmetrical use of body, their sitting posture gets affected which might result into scoliosis.

Like cerebral palsy, treatment for hemiplegia is also similar. Kids require physical and occupational therapies for training the affected part, behavioral modification and counseling to control their behavioral issues, remedial teaching, medications for seizures, speech therapy etc. They should also get their kids examined by orthopedic to prevent them getting scoliosis. Protection Status


  1. There is so much pain in the world! Alas! Thanks for your very informative posts

    1. True... with increasing number of conditions and incidences the pain is increasing...


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