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Quinsy also known as Peri tonsillar abscess( PTA) is an advanced stage of commonly occurring Tonsillitis. PTA occurs due to collection of pus in area surrounding tonsil. Peri means surrounding area, hence the name.

Tonsillitis occurs especially in children, but PTA can occur in any age group from infants to young adults. The abscess (collection of pus) formed in between your tonsils and wall of throat is due to spreading of bacterial infection from an infected tonsil.

Symptoms of quinsy can include:

  • A severe and quickly worsening sore throat, usually on one side
  • Swelling inside the mouth and throat
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Difficulty swallowing, which may cause you to drool
  • Changes to your voice or difficulty speaking
  • Bad breath
  • Earache on the affected side
  • Headache and feeling generally unwell
  • Difficulty breathing

Some complain of high fever, though it passes before the abscess is formed.

As soon as you observe the symptoms of Quinsy, it’s better to consult an ENT specialist for tests and treatment. It is important to get quinsy diagnosed and treated in order to prevent the infection from spreading and causing several serious problems due to swelling.

Treatment of Quinsy is usually done in hospital and it depends on how severe the infection is. Generally antibiotics are given to clear the infection which is administered through either intravenously or through tablets or capsules. Painkillers are also prescribed to reduce pain if necessary.  In cases where the infection is severe and antibiotics alone are not effective, pus has to be removed by:-

  • Needle aspiration - where in a long needle is used to draw out the pus,
  • Incision - an small incision (cut) is made to drain away the pus or
  • Tonsillectomy - a surgery to remove your tonsils, which is very rare case.

Prevention is best cure in Quinsy. To avoid getting quinsy, one has to avoid developing tonsillitis, by avoiding contact with people have infections which cause tonsillitis, maintaining hygiene, by regularly washing hands with soap and water, not sharing glasses with infected person, etc. Protection Status


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