Friday, May 29, 2015

VLCC's InstaTone - New Slimming Package

          Every woman dreams of having a perfect figure. Figure which everyone appreciates, she wishes for that slim figure as one of those actresses which we see in movies & televisions.

          To attain that hour-glass figure, one goes on crash diet; sweat out in gyms, gives up gorging on sweets or chocolates and what not. Some attain success but either end result stays for some time or results in severe side effects. Crash diets leads to sagging and dullness of skin, hair fall etc. But if one follows a proper diet plan, consults right person or dietician one can attain right figure, without having any side effects. 

          Our body requires a balance of all the elements. Be it sugar or oil/fat. But as they say “too much of anything is bad”; it applies to food intake also. If we eat sweets and oily greasy food and we don’t exercise it’s bound to show at wrong places.

          So the main fitness mantra which, I think, one need to follow is “Eat everything in moderation and exercise”.

Some of important tips I learnt from Ms. Mary of VLCC

In conversation with Aman & Mary

  • Drink lots of water; it hydrates the body and also helps in flushing out toxins.
  • Eating rice or chapatti doesn’t make us put on weight; it’s not what we eat, but how much we eat helps us put on weight.
  • Only controlling portions won’t help, exercise is also necessary; unless we sweat how can we burn the calories.
  • When on tour or at party, go for healthier options; opt for salads or baked food, instead of fried and greasy stuff.
  • When on constant move, carry some snacks with you; carry roasted nuts or fruits or you can always have coconut water or dry bhel without chutneys.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar is equal to 20 calories; instead switch to honey.
  • Having warm water with a dash of lemon and honey works a long way; having 2 glasses on warm water 1st thing in morning also works.

            These tips were shared during tête-à-tête with expert Mary Benny Joseph, who started as dietician at VLCC health care and Aman Kawar, AVP Operation, Maharashtra and bloggers during VLCC campaign for launch of their new slimming program “InstaTone” which uses natural products of BelleWave, like bamboo crystal salt, active draining oil, liposonic thermal mousse, contour serum and LipoMelt Heat gel; which are used to on parts of our body which usually deposits fats. These products, when used goes deep in skin and break down the fats while retaining skin texture. Also since it’s done by trained personnel, the pressure technique used by them, relaxes your mind and body, which is an added advantage to relax and get pampered, the ambience of the centre is cherry on top.

Products of BelleWave
          If all the above techniques of slimming don’t work, give one visit to VLCC and do try a session of InstaTone which promises losing 400-500 gms and 12-13 inches after a 90 min session. Though bit heavier on pocket, one can give it a try.  

VLCC's InstaTone Protection Status


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