Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ambipur's #SmellyToSmiley

          For a human being all our senses play a very important role. For example we eat 1st through our eyes and nose and then through our mouth. For us our olfactory sense (i.e. nose) plays a major role in our day to day life.

          We like to smell fresh early morning air, smell of earth after 1st rains, we like the smell of the morning brewed coffee or tea, but we hate the smell of burnt food, smelly socks etc. In rainy season, most of housewives most worry about 2 things, smell of damp clothes and kitchen smell and to get rid of these nasty smells we try all kinds of ideas. Burning incense sticks, spraying perfumes, trying out all kind of room fresheners and fabric fresheners; but sometimes nothing seems to work, especially when someone is gonna visit our abode.

          Imagine your husband has invited his close friends for dinner; you have slogged the entire day in kitchen to get everything ready. Before they arrive you get dressed, get everything ready. But suddenly you realize that your house smells dal tadka, behndi masala, sauté garlic, fried chicken etc. Even the smell of damp clothes refuses to go. Though you had the exhaust fan and the gas chimney on while cooking, these smells didn’t vanish.

          No matter what you do, the smell refuses to go… no amount of perfume or incense sticks drive away that smell. You feel as if you are losing a battle against a stubborn smell war. Your husband who was till now happy and feeling proud of the spread you have put up for his friends is somewhat has a dejected look on his face.

          Because we know, the moment a person enters a house, this smell will hit and we always expect to welcome a guest; if not fragrant but atleast non-smelly home.

          What will you do now? We women always liked to be praised

(a)            For food we put up in front of guests &
(b)            For the neat and tidy house we present.

The solution for winning this war against stubborn smell is using a room freshener which not only drives away the lingering smells, but also the fragrance stays for longer period of time.

          After trying of various brands and products, I trust only 1; Ambipur. I have tried 2 of their car fragrances: Lavender spa and Light Citrus. So to drive away those nasty smells of kitchen I trust Ambipur’s Lavender Vanilla & Comfort.


         When it comes to perfumes or deo or room fresheners I prefer 1 which doesn’t hit one’s nose as soon as it is sprayed leaving the person sneezing. I prefer one which remains invisible but still does its work of spreading nice fragrance across the room. So next time you go to buy a room freshener you know which one to pick.

PS : I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur Protection Status

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