Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My 100th blog post...

          Yippeee… my 100th blog post…

Phew! What a journey it was since I started. Can't believe it’s been 4 years and this is my 100th post.

Any guesses what’s special on my 100th post?

          But before that, I would like to thank all my followers, friends and well-wishers who supported me, followed my posts since past 4 years, gave me their valuable inputs, liked and voted for me.

A big Thank you to all…

Now moving to my century post... did anyone guess what’s special about this post???

Take a Guess...

Well it’s a guest post by a well-known blogger, writer, my best friend, my sister and whom I also call, my “Teacher”. Presenting, Janaki Nagaraj, who introduced me to blogging, who read my each and every post, who pointed out my mistakes and advised me on my area of improvement, is my guide since I started blogging.

Janaki, mother of 2 kids, pens her emotions on her personal blog, captures surrounding beauty on her photo blog, does book-reviews and has recently started a health blog… Phewww….What a lady… I admire her, for her writings, her strength, and her cool and always ready to help nature… In short I just love her. J  

Let’s hear from the poetess herself.


What color is the pain?
Is it the red that flows out of your eyes?
Is there a color for that sinking feeling?
Gray perhaps?
Or the gut wrenching blue?
The suffocating black of the bottomless abyss or
The never ending brow of the desert
The nothingness of the expanse....
How does it seem when your chest tightens?
The depressive purple of emptiness....
Pain is not an isolated feeling
But akin to multi organ failure
On a life support system
Alive, yet wishing upon death!

Can we ever experience the pain someone is going through? We can only imagine. 

Yet, parents of special kids are judged.

I was really touched the other day when my Dad said - "I wanted to prostrate before Aparna for the mother she is!"

So true;

We can imagine her pain and struggles but not live it. It takes a special heart to understand her special child.

PS: after reading this post of Janaki; I have no words left... Protection Status


  1. Congrats on 100 Aparna. And Janu I agree with every word. So wonderfully expressed :)

  2. This is indeed a milestone, with many more to come! You are a wonderful person, Aparna; your warmth extends into your writing, as well. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is indeed a milestone, with many more to come! You are a wonderful person, Aparna; your warmth extends into your writing, as well. Keep up the good work!

  4. Congrats!!! So so proud of u!! May you celebrate many more blogging anniversaries

  5. Many congratulations to you... Hit lot more centuries .. All the very best to you...

  6. Humbled by your words Aparna, Honored to be a part of your journey. Here's to wishing you many more years of satisfying blogging. Love ya.

    1. Love you too...3...4...Janu... :)

  7. An amazing poem, Janaki! And Apana, I am thrilled to meet you through Janaki. Will follow your blog!

    1. Thanks Martha... truly appreciate it :)


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