Wednesday, June 24, 2015

To my Papa - #HugYourDad

          One hug speaks of thousand emotions. Emotions; which can't be expressed through words, Emotions, which sometimes are best left unsaid.

          Though mother is an important person in our life, our Father is the pillar of support. He is the one with the invisible magic hand.

          As it is said, no matter how much old we grow, girls are always the little princess in their father’s eyes, so true.

          My Dad or Papa as I call him is my pillar of support, my support system. Like every father-daughter relationship, we both too had our share of fights and love.

          When I was young, Papa had a very bad temper. He used to get angry at drop of hat. He used to scold us, sometimes beat us also. But later when his anger used to subside, he would wrap us in his arms and cuddle us to sleep.

          He was one who introduced me to reading. He initiated the habit of writing day-to-day account in diaries. He always used to tell, Put 100% effort and expect 90% result even if you are expecting 80%, so that, if you score 81% you won’t feel bad.

My hero & his Princess

         He always used to tell me, no matter how much high you reach never forget your roots. Never forget the position from which you have risen up.

         After my brother’s untimely demise, he had become more attached to me. When marriage proposal had come, and everything had got finalized I asked him, how will they live without me? To that he told me assuring, “Today or tomorrow you have to go. We will have to manage in your absence.” It really made me cry that day.

       On my wedding day as the time of wedding muhurat was nearing, and when I entered the hall decked in wedding finery, my Papa who was putting up such a brave face since months, broke down. That one incident I will never be able to forget. Seeing him cry, I almost developed cold feet.

          His important lessons of life which he gave us was,

  • After every exam, he used to say, don’t cry or brood over what has gone, concentrate on tomorrow’s exam. You can't change what has happened yesterday; concentrate on improving your tomorrow.
  • If you do anything wrong, don’t be afraid accept your fault, but if you are not wrong, come what may never apologize.
  • Save money for future. If you earn 100 rupees, try to save atleast 10 rupees out of it.

       Even today, one look at my face and he comes to know what am I going through. Recently when they had been to our native for some work and he had met 1 of my college lecturer. My professor had enquired about me. And when he told that I was his favorite student, I could sense the amount of pride he must have felt at that moment.

       Come what may, just as bonding with mother is unique, similarly father’s bond is entirely unique. Just as we turn to our mom’s for kitchen tips, we turn to our Dad’s for life decisions.

Dads are Dads… We love them no matter how strict they are.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” Embed this video in your blog.
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  1. You framed all those words very clearly to express the love for him, dads are always on top, no matter what.
    Wishing your dad a belated happy father's day :)
    Nice post Aparna.

    1. Thank you Prasanna :) true...they are our 1st hero...

    2. Apps dats so true abt dads..too good.


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