Saturday, July 25, 2015

Parenting - #AajKalKeBacche Part2

          Now-a-days we say kids are getting out of control; they are becoming very stubborn and arrogant. But who is to blame?

           Previously when we were kids and our parents used to go to work, even then they didn’t pamper us to eat our food by making us sit in front of TV. We had a rule, no TV during eating time, first finish off eating, then watch TV. But today’s parents give their smart phones in their kid’s hands so that they eat. And then we blame them for their phone addiction.

          When we say to our child “your friend has got 98%, why haven’t you scored that much?” then why can't they say “My friend’s parents have got him so-and-so brand phone why can't I have one”? Who taught them to compare?

          In many situations I have seen parents turning a blind eye to their child’s mistake. They boldly say “My child can't do such thing” without even listening or hearing out the person. This gives the child unwanted support and they become bolder enough to commit grave mistakes because they know even if they are caught their parents won’t punish them. When we were kids our parents never took our side until we were proved innocent.

          Children learn from what they see, what they hear. We are their first teachers. When we used to walk on road with our parents we always used to be on their left side i.e. on safer side of the road, but on many occasions I have seen, now kids on their right side of parents. Once I saw a mother managing 2 toddlers on her right hand side on a busy road.

          During many functions parents are so busy catching up with their relatives and friends, that they are least bothered about what their kids are upto. And then if anything happens either they scold and beat their child or put the blame on others.

          Technology is useful but making our kids addicted to it in a wrong manner will do us no good.
  • Fix a time for their time to watch TV or play games on laptop or smart phone. 
  • Encourage them more for outdoor activities and games.
  • Teach them value of money and saving just as our parents taught us.
  • Teach them value of life, time and people.
  • Teach them healthy eating.
  • Don’t just preach but practice too.
  • Teach them what's right and what's wrong.
  • Be their first best friend. Only then they will learn to trust you.

         Being a parent is never easy. But we can try and make it simple just as our parents. Today’s generation is a digital and fast-forward generation. But life is a circle; what we give, comes backs to us. So think and act.

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