Saturday, July 25, 2015

Parenting - #AajKalKeBacche

          Parenting is a job wherein you are on-duty 24 /7, you are not paid and are expected to be ready at little one’s beck and call.

          But in current situation wherein children are born smart, have access to gadgets and smartphones since they start crawling, handling children is one difficult task. With both parents busy at their workplace, children have access to internet and websites; you never know what children are susceptible to?

          Children now-a-days are smarter and pick up things faster than their parents did at their age. But the childhood we experienced was totally a different one than what today’s children experience.

          Today’s children Google their queries on internet and find their answers, whereas we used to pester our parents or dig in those huge encyclopedia for answers.

          We never had to compete with our friends on whose birthday party is better, or where is it in held or in which theme. For us birthday parties meant our favorite delicacies cook by our mom, and inviting our friends and neighbors for lunch/dinner and having a blast.

          We never had to compete with our friends for 1 single mark which we lost, but now-a-days parents pressurize kids to no end and it starts even before the child starts to turn in their cradle.

          We were never pressurized in attending extra-curricular activity classes just because our neighbour’s child is attending.

          Today’s kids are so pressurized to excel in everything that they really don’t know what does enjoying childhood means. For them vacations means going to foreign land and not to their native land from where their parents & grandparents belonged. They don’t connect to their roots but want to connect to the skies they want to reach.

          In today’s parenting each parent is sometime so busy fighting their own wars that they seldom pay attention to their child’s need.

          I would like to narrate today’s incident, wherein I saw a girl of approximate 7-8 years had come to a restaurant with her parents and both grannies for lunch. She asked her mother for something, in return her mother scolded her very badly, all this in absence of her father. After his return when he saw her princess sullen face and enquired, his wife told him something which made the girl burst into tears. Instead of hugging her father, she hugged her mother for support. I was bit surprised.

          Parenting is a challenge. If done in a right way can give excellent results, but if not then, we are the ones to be blamed for child’s behaviour and not the child itself.

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