Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 Flashback

          New Year brings new hopes, new expectations new dreams and new resolutions. When we enter in 2nd last week of December, with Christmas, comes the excitement of New Year too.

          New Year party, New Year resolutions and a hope that coming year will be better than the passing year.

          Well like everybody else I, too, entered 2015 with dreams of joy, happiness and a hope that 2015 will be a better year for me. And today when I look back, I see that 2015 was indeed a better year compared to 2014. I discovered a new me, I got back my confidence and conquered the fear and overcame the driving phobia. J

          After facing lots of problems regarding child’s hygiene in previous school I had given up hope of Prerna getting admitted into any school. But in February, her physiotherapist of past 5 years Dr. Smriti opened a day care-cum-school called Sai Aashrya. After the initial hiccups of tantrums, crying bouts etc, now Prerna enjoys her school and the activities and I know she is in safe and good hands, because after nearly 1 year I can see her development and improvement. (TOUCHWOOD)

Since my life revolves around differently abled kids, this year I decided my theme for the April’s A-Z Blogging challenge will be about them. With help of my daughter’s therapist Dr. Sujata and some inputs and help from our family homeopathic consultant Dr. Gopikrishnan Nambiar, I successfully completed that 1 month blogging challenge and the cherry on cake was one of the blog “Vitiligo” got featured in Top 14 health blogs at number 8 in popular website. (Link) What more can I ask???

          Who doesn’t like cake and chocolates?? I have been making chocolates since past couple of years and had very strong desire to convert my desire and passion for baking into something worthy. So in July, I attended a basic cake workshop wherein I learned many types of cakes and fillings and in July, my dream, Chocodisiac came into existence and I delivered my 1st order of cake and chocolates. J

          In month of August – September, being a part of The book Club, I had participated in #TornadoGiveaway 2, wherein we have to promote the authors and their books. And guess what, one fine day I see my name in list of winners (did the winning dance after that).  If a book lover wins books definitely she/he will do the winning dance…

          During the following months, I joined various groups of bakers, wherein they selflessly help and advice newbies like me. I met some awesome bakers like Prabhjot, Shivani, Divya, and many more who have always helped me whenever I got struck,  also my friends who supported me in my venture by ordering cakes and chocolates from me.

          Reading was my 1st love since childhood and during past few years somewhere that love got lostL. So in January 2015, Hindustan Times Brunch announced #BrunchBookChallenge; reading 30 books in 1 year, I readily took up the challenge of finding my lost love. And till December I had completed reading 34 books in all.

          If 2014 was a lesson, 2015 was the exam on what I have learnt. And I must say I gave that exam and passed with flying colours. 2015 taught me to be independent, stop sympathizing with self, and take control of your life. Don’t depend on anyone else. That’s what today world demands.

          These are the good tidings of 2015; it doesn’t mean I didn’t hit lows. I did, but I will take it as an experience, a lesson from which I can learn and move ahead. 

          Well for 2016, I think it did start with a bang as I won the Hindustan Times Brunch #BrunchBookChallenge. What could be a better way to start the new beginning…

          For 2016, have decided to regain my health, learn more new things, read new authors and let things take its flow. If something is gonna happen, it will happen, brooding or crying is not gonna change it.

          So wishing all a very Happy New Year… Have an awesome year 2016.

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  1. Ur articles r just so honest and straight from the heart....that makes it different from the other impersonal blogs we come across
    ..keep it going!!!

  2. Awesome writing Apu dear! Your spirit and can do attitude is an inspiration to all.. I am sure you will fulfill all your wishes in the coming year

  3. Well done Aparna.... It's indeed a pleasure to have u as a frd..... U r and u will b a winner in all stages of life..... God has blessed u with prerna.... Coz he knew u were the best person to take care for her..... All my blessing r with prerna..... May God fulfills all her wishes and desires in life..... Lot of wishes to both of u

    1. Thank u Divya...I too m lucky to hav u as my friend :)

  4. I wish this continues and U do much more nd stay blessed this year too. I know about Chocodisiac . GOod luck . I am really glad prerna is enjoying the school !
    CONGOS on winning the hindustan times book challenge


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