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Review-Right Fit Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit

Right Fit Wrong Shoe
Varsha Dixit 

Right Fit Wrong Shoe, begins at a point where all love stories end. The tale weaves around Nandini and all that is important to her, with two contenders gunning for the top spot; Aditya Sarin and Sneha Verma.

Aditya Sarin, the man Nandini is madly in love with, yet compelled, for some unsolved reason to shun.  Aditya, on his part, in the past declared Nandini to be a ‘millennium bhehenji (conservative girl)’ and ‘lassi (yoghurt drink) in a wine glass’. Yet he fell for her  . . . hard! However, some mysterious episode caused the lovers to, acrimoniously, part. 

Now, Aditya is back in Kanpur,  all his guns blazing (the real and the imagined), determined to devastate her life. Fortunately for the readers, and unfotunately for Aditya, Nandini is determined not to‘bite the dust’ oh so quietly. Wonder, in the battle royal, who wins or who loses it all?

Sneha Verma, the other contender, is Nandini’s BFF, that one friend who knows us better than we do. The one we trust more than Stayfree or Clearasil. Sneha maybe headstrong, hammer fisted and stern mouthed, but for Nandini, she will willingly stand in the path of imminent lightning bolt or a nasty tornado, even if it’s named Aditya Sarin. In standard X, Sneha took Nandini under her wing and that equation hasn't changed much. Sneha, a recent wife and even more recent mom, appears to be fighting some unknown demons of her own.

Right Fit Wrong Shoe, observes and opinionates the society, affected and amused. It fleetingly touches on issues; fleeting as watching discourses (courtesy Astha Channel), is trendier and quicker, than reading them. 

The book is an AAA (anytime, anywhere, anyone) read. It promises to make your day better, and a bad one not any worse. 

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About The Author 

Varsha Dixit, the best selling author of four successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free, Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman. Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.

My Review :

Right Fit Wrong Shoe is typical Bollywood inspired story.

          The protagonist’s families are neighbors; Aditya, a big shot running family empire and Nandini, a simple girl next door. Boy meets girl. They hate each other at first sight. As time moves, more they bump into each other, more they fall in love. Finally when they confess their love to each other, tragedy strucks and lovers drift apart. How they meet again and then live happily ever after is what is Right Fit Wrong Shoe is all about.

          As we read the book, we see the scenes like a typical Karan Johar inspired family drama (atleast that’s how I saw the scenes).

          Loved the titles which Varsha Dixit has given in the book; names of all movie flicks like Bol Radha Bol, Mother India, Jab we met, Yes Boss, Bombay, Main hu na etc. It shows the authoress is a full movie buff and has used the titles appropriately to match the stories in the book, absolutely loved that idea. I also liked the title of the book, “Right Fit Wrong Shoe” which actually makes actually sets the reader into thinking about the unusual title.

          In short fast paced, simple language, nice read for a total die hard romantic movie buff.

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  1. Nice review Aparna

  2. Thank you for an insightful review. The part 3 in this love trilogy will be out in summers. Hope you find time to read that one too. :)

    1. Cant wait to read it Varsha... :) all the best


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