Sunday, April 3, 2016

Autism Awareness

            Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a very broad term usually referred to a group of neurodevelopmental disorder.

            Children with ASD often can have one or many symptoms.

Some of common symptoms are :

  • Difficulty in Social interaction: Children with ASD like to be left alone. In other words they like to be in their own world. Some might enjoy company of those with whom they are comfortable. For them numbers doesn’t matter, what matters is the company.
  • Repetitive or limited interest: Some children might keep repeating words or sentence which they might have recently heard or taught. Some might keep doing a particular activity which catches their interests again and again.
  • Arranging/stacking of playthings: They like to arrange their playthings in a straight line or stack it one above the other.
  • Getting upset with change in daily routine: A slight change in their daily routine upsets them, which causes them to throw a tantrum. Calming down a child is a bit tedious task as each child has different tantrum level.
  • Avoiding eye contact: Children usually avoid giving an eye contact to others while interacting.
  • Slow or no response on calling his/her name: When you call a child by his/her name, they don’t respond or see. Sometimes they don’t respond to you when they are absorbed in their own tasks.
  • Lack of communication: Children might lack or have delay speech. They might have difficulty in conveying their needs.
  • Sometimes they are so hyper, that they are all over the place and are unable to sit down and complete their task.

Each child may have different level of symptoms. Some might show single, some might show multiple symptoms. It's not necessary that each child will have symptoms which will disrupt their normal daily routine.

Causes of ASD in kids can either be genetic or maybe due to stress during pregnancy. Exact causes are still not known.

            First and foremost step is diagnosis. If you feel you child’s milestones are lagging, get your child checked with your paediatric doctor or by a developmental paediatrician, as they are ones who might properly guide you.

            Children with autism might require physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational and behavioral therapy depending on their issues. Some kids might be benefitted with art/music/dance therapy as it will help soothe them.

            As parents, in today’s scenario it is very necessary to keep a track on our kid’s milestones. There are many sites available today but, sometimes it might be confusing for a new parent as which one to consult. So here is a site ( which will help all parents find all the necessary information they require to keep a track on their child’s development.

            Each child is unique in their own way. Never compare or belittle a child.

            A small poem on this…

Some call us Special,
Some call us Different,
While some call us Disabled.
We call ourselves
Differently abled.


  1. Good one .. Pretty much what it is .. Still every kid in spectrum is unique .. These kids are exceptional but they lack social boundaries. They don't have a shade of grey .. They r honest and pure without understanding sarcasm .. They only know black and white , right or wrong . Many will say they lack empathy .. These kids do have empathy .. They sometimes don't understand what is wrong .. Or what went wrong .. As they don't understand shade GREY!!

  2. Few days ago while visiting a temple i saw a autistic child, she was trying to interact with the visitors who were crossing near by him, no body responded on her call. she was watching other kids those who were moving here and there in the temple. she was in a wheel chair. observing her and the ignorance of people towards her brought tears in my eyes. may god bless these children.

    1. What can i say??? even today some consider to ignore our kids as if taboo :(


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