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Review-The Reengineers by Indu Muralidharan

The Reengineers
Indu Muralidharan
A Harper Collins Pulications


Chinmay Narayan is plotting to kill himself. He is a misfit at school, his parents are about to divorce and the love of his life doesn’t know he exists. It seems pointless to go on with such a dysfunctional life. But before he gets anywhere with that plan, Chinmay and his friends, Anu and Sabi, stumble into the eerie world of Conchpore through a portal in Uncle RK’s library.

They find themselves in The Seeker’s School, where you can buy spiritual courses that will bring you enlightenment. While the seekers seem unaware that there is anything amiss, Chinmay and his friends stumble upon a strange and sinister plot that the teachers and students are caught up in. The three youngsters suddenly find themselves in danger, and their only hope is the charismatic Siddharth, an old student of the school who has come to visit. Chinmay discovers that Siddharth is seeking catharsis from his dark past by writing a book—a book with Chinmay as the protagonist. He realizes that his own story is a mirror image of Siddharth’s, which leads to a moment of reckoning for him: can he become the author of his own life?

Set in Madras in the early nineties, The Reengineers dispels the boundaries between fiction and reality to tell a tale that is as much a coming-of-age story as it is an inspiring narrative of self-empowerment and spiritual growth. 

My Honest Review

          I have always heard of “Engineers” but never “Reengineers”. Yes; the title of Indu Muralidharan caught my eye and made me curious. Initially I thought the story might revolve around some engineer/IIT kid. But when I started to read the book, I was surprised. As I continued reading I was held in awe.

          The Reengineers deals with the most important issue which in news now-a-days, which many fail to disclose/discuss and/or seek help; the dreaded D-word: Depression.

          Yes, depression is faced by many people in the world around due to various reasons, one being stress, as all are busy trying to win the cat-race.

          Chinmay Narayan is a teenage boy, who is planning to commit suicide once he finishes his board exams. He is a topper in school but his parents are on verge of getting a divorce and they are least bother how their divorce is affecting their only child. His parents are always at loggerheads with each other, rebuke him and constantly monitor his activities which leaves Chinmay feel suffocated and depressed. The girl for whom he has feelings doesn’t even know he exists.

          Even though he has two close friends Anurag aka Anu and Sabarmati aka Sabi, he is unable to share his problems with them. Doesn’t it sound like a typical teenage story? But as the story progresses comes the real twist.

          Liked the way Indu has weaved the story, is really mind-blowing. The book is a must read by everyone. The best part which I loved was when Chinmay pep-talks Siddharth who suffers from a bout of depression due to the crisis and when his help was needed the most; is the part which I appreciated most.

          Though a fictional story, many people would relate to Chinmay’s dilemma; wherein he is burdened with his parent’s ambition and frustration and they have no idea what their kids might be going through.

          Nice book written by Indu Muralidharan, though little slow paced but definitely an interesting and thoughtful read.  

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I am a writer from Chennai, India. To me, reading and writing are means by which I try to comprehend the meaning of life and reality. My first novel The Reengineers (HarperCollins, 2015) is a metafictional exploration of the meaning of the self, examined through the relationship between an author and the character of his novel. I am working on two other novels at the moment, both centred around the healing power of fiction and its significance in 'real' life.

I live in London, balancing a full time day job with writing and studying a part-time Master's Course in Creative Writing at The University of Oxford.

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  1. Thanks for the review :) This book is so relevant today!

    1. Hope You too enjoyed the book Inderpreet

  2. Thank you for the lovely review Aparna! Many thanks, Inderpreet! :-)


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