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Skills in today's world

          In today’s competitive world, you need skills to make it to the top. Everyone wants to be at the topmost level of the pyramid. But what does it take to be at the top - Sheer luck or skill and determination?

          I would say if you have the skill and determination, luck will always smile at you. But normal education doesn’t provide us the necessary skill training, or prepare us to face the real competitive world. But now-a-days people are recognizing the need of special training to groom the kids from a young age so that when they face the real world they are ready to face the challenges with a brave heart.  Recognizing a child’s strength and weakness, providing him/her with support and encouragement helps the child to grow up in a confident person.

          So Mrs. Rashmi Praveen, an MBA and a Private Banker by profession was highly inspired to pursue Training as a profession due to her association with Landmark Education that made a profound difference to her life both personally and professionally. She was determined to design programs for children that equip them with different skills, methodologies and technologies to achieve breakthroughs in real life situations. Below is the profile of Simply Hire Resourses (I) Pvt Ltd, (SHRI) an organization which offers Life skill programs based on holistic learning methodologies right from Toddlers, to teenagers and Corporates. The company is tied up with various schools, colleges and corporate houses across Bangalore and spreading its wings across India soon.

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Below is information about the organization profile :


Simply Hire Resources (I) Pvt. Ltd., started in the year 2008, has established itself as one of the preferred partners for recruitment and training programs across different industries. The accolades and awards that the company has won in the recent past, is a testimony to the quality and excellence of its service delivery.

The company has been highly successful in imparting training programs for children, young adults and corporate employees, as a result of investing thoroughly in valuable human resources in its research and development team, thereby building a team of people with rich experience in the field of training and development.  

SHRI believes in upgrading itself with skills required in today’s ever changing world and has employed experiential learning methodologies across all its programs. The company offers a comprehensive school program “ARISE” that focuses on all co-scholastic requirements of a growing child. The program has been designed to provide value-based education, life skills, soft skills and academic skills that enhance the learning abilities of children while equipping them to handle real life situations. Alongside, the company provides counseling support to schools.

For college students, the company offers Personality development programs, training programs which enhances their Soft Skills, makes them efficient in their Communication and creates awareness among students about the importance of “Brand Me”. The structured program “AKME”, and “FASTRACK”, prepares students to face the challenges of the corporate world, while testing their aptitude through certified tests.

In today’s fast moving era, demands of the corporate world are ever changing. SHRI has incorporated training programs for companies across industries and are well equipped to bring about a transformation among employees thereby enhancing productivity over a period of time. The company has been successfully implementing its yearlong program-“ACE” and conducts short duration workshops based on the needs of the company. Our Communication Skills program has been highly successful in bridging the gap and building great working relationships among employees at companies.

The company is soon launching a career counseling tool for high school students and also its counselling wing. Also, the company has started conducting workshops for general public.

As part of its CSR initiative, SHRI conducts Public Awareness Programs, Road Safety Programs and various Civic Awareness Programs etc,.
Mrs. Rashmi Praveen receiving award

With Swamiji

SHRI has been awarded for its “Innovation in Training Programs by KSMBOA”, an association of SME business owners.

SHRI was one of the finalists among 19000 aspirants in the all India competition held by Economic Times in association with CIIE and Department of Science and Technology.(ET Power of Ideas, 2015)

Recently, SHRI has won the “Future of India award, 2016” organized by 1000 Petals in association with CNBC. Also, the company’s Chief Executive Mrs.Rashmi Praveen has won the “Woman Entrepreneur of the year” award for the year 2016.

The company’s R&D Head, Mrs. Farida Rizwan is a counselor and psychotherapist who use her experience in the field to create life-skills training programs based on real life challenges faced by people. She is winner of several blogging contests and has been recognized for her work by NGOs like RT90, Indian Society of Health Administrators Sahaya Hastha and many more. Her articles as well as articles about her have been published in daily newspapers like Asian Age, Times of India, Indian Express etc. Her video on her Cancer Survival Journey got her 7th and 8th position in a Selfie Contests organized in 2014 and 2015 by HCG.    She regularly blogs at which has more than 2 million hits and shares her take on life through her quotes on

Farida Rizwan

Our Vision

Our Vision is to impart VALUE based education across different facets of society and create a totally TRANSFORMED WORLD for our future generation

Our Promise

  • Qualified and reliable workforce with certification in skill-based training
  • An efficient and innovative Research & Development Team
  • A disciplined approach towards implementation of programs thereby ensuring quality of service delivery
  • Highly effective experiential learning methodologies for training
  • Skilled and experienced training personnel

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