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Review-An Autograph For Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman

            Another wonderful masterpiece by Sundari Venkatraman…

Sundari is famous for penning romantic novels, and now-a-days she is trying her hands in different genre. An Autograph for Anjali is one such experiment of hers, which has thriller, suspense at beginning with romance as backdrop.

Jayant, a typical Indian male who is pampered by his mother and two sisters before marriage, and expects his wife to do the same and be at his beck and call all the time. Though he keeps himself updated with recent technologies and happenings in business, he, never in 20 years of marriage updated his ideas about domesticity. In this matter his thinking still belonged to 18th century.  According to him, his wife should not have any life beyond him. He treats his wife and mistress as doormats under his feet. Though a top rung businessman, he was a failure as a husband.

Anjali, wife of Jayant Mathur, pretty, fierce, but oppressed by her husband, has her head above her shoulders inspite of being a rich businessman’s wife. She instills good values in her only son Arjun, whom she doesn’t want to become like his father, callous, dominating and calculative. Inspite of being under Jayant’s dominance and influence, Anjali tries to keep herself sane. But her patience wears off when she sees him crossing his limits and openly flaunts his mistress Seema at a party where she is invited. What happens next is worth a read.

Seema, Jayant’s executive assistant and latest mistress is a character not described much.

Arjun, Anjali and Jayant’s nineteen year old son, though he loves both his parents very much, he knows both his parents are poles apart and his Mom got a raw deal from this marriage. He shares a friendly relation with his Mom and is a constant support to her and vice versa.

Parth Temptation, thy name is Parth.  (Loved this).

Parth is that knight in shining armor who rescues Anjali and supports her during her emotional upheaval and helps her cope depression and gives her the respect and love she deserves.

These are the main characters around which the story revolves. The story opens with a murder, and then proceeds to full blown romantic track. Though I loved the story there are few points which I felt out of place or hard to digest.

Dr. Nalini’s identity is hidden from Anjali. But when she visits Dr. Nalini’s house-cum-clinic she is bound to see the nameplate or something which might reveal her true identity.

When Dr. Nalini first visits Anjali, she introduces herself as a friend. Even though Anjali is depressed at that moment, doesn’t she feel it odd after Dr. Nalini leaves, as who invited her to her house, etc?

Though Arjun loves his mom and respects his father, isn’t it little hard to digest that he call ups Parth and asks him if he can join Anjali on her Greece trip?

I would certainly have loved to read more about Anjali’s childhood and life before marriage, Seema’s life before Jayant, little more on Parth and also on Arjun’s childhood (which I think will come out in the sequel Arjun’s Penance).

Also the climax was abrupt and sudden. I would have loved if there was little more suspense or little more drama to give the story a suitable ending.

 Other than these little things, the story is a perfect blend of suspense and romance. Also the manner in which the dreaded D word – Depression is explained or handled in the story is well commendable. While reading, you feel hatred for Jayant, pity for Anjali, fall in love with Parth (sigh…), feel proud of Arjun and get irritated by Rana. Each character is well developed and explained.

My final verdict…must read once if you want to read some light hearted romance mixed with suspense.

Title : An Autograph For Anjali
Author : Sundari Venkatraman
Available on :

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review.


  1. Thank you so much Aparna Nayak for your lovely, detailed review. I am glad you enjoyed reading my book :)


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