Monday, August 8, 2016

Friends, friendship day and pictures

Pictures are not just images…but they are reminders of the good time we had.

They are the windows which when opened bring in the memories… memories bring in happiness…happiness brings in smile and smile is that crooked line which sets everything straight.

Memories not only brings in happy moments but also some incidents which with passage of time collects dust and remains forgotten in some corner of our mind.

School friends are those friends whom we make when we don’t realize what’s right and what’s wrong. They are our first friends. But as we grow, these bonds too grow along with us. These relationships mature as we age. I am lucky to have my school friends who bring out the best of me… my smile, my courage, my laughter…they are my strength.

For me, each day is a friendship day with them. Even if we are spread all across the globe, we are in touch through social media and we keep finding excuses to meet and hang out inspite of everyone’s hectic schedule and life.

To our friendship….some memorable pics and a video. 

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