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Review-The Mahabharata Code by Karthik K B Rao



"The Mahabharata Code is a personal account of the main protagonist Narayan Rao (NR), who claims to be an astronomer with NASA. NR and a few other crew members agree to take part in the NASA mission to visit this mystery planet from which they had received mysterious signals. Here, they meet a man with a long flowing white beard, and he introduces himself as Vyasa. He reveals that he has a crazy plan in mind and seeks NR and his members’ help in implementing this plan. He intends to recreate the entire Mahabharata on this planet to restore the faith of the primitive simpletons here. 

As the Mahabharata incidents start unfolding, NR realizes that Vyasa intends to recreate them page by page here, if not paragraph by paragraph. Also NR begins to realize that his son, Krishna, who is being groomed by Vyasa as Vishnu’s avatar, is nothing more than a pawn in Vyasa's scheme of things. Other incidents of Mahabharata also unfold according to the original epic. Pandavas and Kauravas grow up hating each other and finally the restaging plan culminates with both the warring sets of cousins facing each other in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. 

Inexplicably, like the original epic, Arjuna develops cold feet seeing his own cousins, teachers and relatives on the opposite side. He seeks Krishna’s divine intervention. Is the brainwashed “alien” Krishna prepared for this intervention?"

My Honest Review 

The Mahabharata Code…. Yet another retelling of the Mahabharata or is it?

Catchy isn’t it? Yes, I too got interested by reading this tag line. Recently I have been reading lots of mythology or better say revised versions or fictional versions based on mythology. So is this book too another such book?

When I started reading I found it bit confusing and slow paced, but further I read more it turned engrossing.

The reader initially gets confused just like the protagonist what is real and what is imaginary but as the story moves forward the plot becomes even more confusing until climax. The climax reminds me of a super hit movie which was made few years ago and had similar theme.

The characters be it protagonist Narayan Rao, Shristi or Krishna are well sketched. I liked it where its written even Arjuna was jealous of Krishna. Well Krishna was not loved equally by all. Some considered him as an opponent while some as friend, some loved him whereas some hated him.

What I loved was the suspense is maintained till end, and keeps the reader guessing whether it’s happening in real or is it just an imagination of the protagonist or is he hallucinating. The part, wherein Krishna explains to his father just like he recites Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna before commencement of the famous Mahabharata war is truly commendable.

One of the verse which I liked a lot and it holds real meaning is :

“Who is this Mahadev then? Isn’t Shiva the Mahadev?”

“Shiva, Bhrama, Allah, Vishnu, Paramatma, Brahman, I, me, myself, Almighty, Jesus, Shakti, science, zero, impotent, idiot, crazy, Buddha, money, music, alien, woman, nature, computer programmer, mathematician and err, off late, Sachin and what not! I can think of atleast three hundred and thirty million names named after me!”  
            Though slow paced, some might even find it boring but it’s a definite worth a read. The link and reasoning of each of mythological events with science makes a reader think, whether its true or just a fragment of writer’s imagination?

            If you want to do some serious reading and like mythology and science then this book is must read. 

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About the author

Karthik K.B. Rao

Karthik Rao is a 32-year-old software professional based in Bangalore. He lives with his wife Sushma, parents and two little sons Kaustubh Krishna and Raghav Krishna aged 4 and 1, respectively. He says, he gets to meditate close to 3 hours every day on his bike thanks to the notorious Bangalore traffic. His hobbies include following cricket, Indian politics on the social media and Indian mythology. He also plays plastic ball cricket with his sons.

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  1. Thanks Aparna! I am glad you liked it :)
    Karthik Rao
    PS: here is the video trailer of the book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G35VwmlP58&feature=youtu.be


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