Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Book Review - Anupama Garg's The Tantric Curse

Usually we choose a book to read; by reading its review or if it’s by our favorite author or maybe interesting blurb, there are “n” number of reasons why we choose a particular book. But what if a book chooses you? Never heard or experienced? I am not referring about receiving book as gift…

I have been reading books since I can remember but I started reviewing them since past one and half year or so. But I have never been so startled when I started to read this particular book. When I got mail, asking if I am interested in reviewing The Tantric Curse, I was bit skeptical. Tantra, magic always interested me, but had never read anything about it. I goggled about the book and I got interested.

When I received it, first thing which caught my attention was the book cover. When I started reading it, slowly I realized this THE book which I needed at this moment and I am happy I have read it.

On an amavasya night, eight-year old Rhea mysteriously lands at the doors of Shaktidham, a Tantric house of worship, in a trance. Realizing that she is blessed with unusual faculties, the guru of Shaktidham, Satya, chooses her as a disciple over his own son, Krishnam, to carry on his lineage, a privilege previously bestowed only to males. But the lineage has been cursed for generations, and it is up to Rhea to either break the curse or perish in the attempt.

Will she succeed in her endeavor or will her love for Krishnam become an obstacle in her path? The Tantric Curse, an unusual story set in the world of the Tantra – that aims to dispel most of the myths about the practice – will keep you spellbound till the very last page.

Is The Tantric Curse fact or fiction? The Tantric Curse, one might feel is too true to be a fiction if you believe in magic /tantra and if you don’t, then you might feel otherwise.

Plus points of the book: detailed explanations of Indian festivals, why and how are they celebrated, detailed information and meaning of hymns and mantras, and are explained in context of the story. It is so well blended with the story that you will not feel any part is introduced suddenly or abruptly.

People usually associate tantra with black magic and occult and this very conception is cleared through this book. This book is a must read and in today’s current scenario it’s necessary to explore ourselves, know and conquer our fears, insecurity and move ahead.

This book is not only a good read but also imparts good information about Indian festivals, tantra, black magic, spirituality and holistic approach to life.

The characters, be it Rhea, Krishnam, Satya or Dr. Vishnukant are well-etched. But the only part which I found difficult to understand is the part where Dr. Vishnukant forces himself on Rhea. Rhea being such a powerful person, how can she allow that to happen?

Also some of characters, who had come to Shaktidham or to Rhea for consultations, after recovery, their stories, are left mid-way. I would have loved it if something was written about how their life progressed after their healing.

Other than these two points I loved the book, awesome read, unique topic, well written.  I am indeed happy that I read this book at right juncture of my life. 

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